How to evaluate Hero Power


I can’t seem to find any explanation for a Hero’s power other than it’s the “strength of your hero during combat”. What does this mean exactly? All the other stats are pretty straight forward (attack, defense, health) but for some reason power seems to be a mystery to me. Thanks in advance for your help.

How is Team power calculated?

Part of it Is rarity. I wouldn’t rely on the power rating so much


The CP is calculated using some combination of attack, defense and health stats, star ranking of the hero, and level of the special (1-8). Formula hasn’t been cracked definitively yet.

Frankly, it’s not a particularly useful metric for anything. Saying that your Sartana is at 742 and my Musashi is at 777 doesn’t predict much of anything. The value of the special ability matters much more than the numbers.


I think hero power is SG’s attempt to put a single number for, like you said, “strength of your hero during combat”. It is the most useful simple metric to compare heroes. :slight_smile: You don’t have to be concerned about their levels, ascension, attack values, etc.

It makes it also simple to compare teams, team power is just heroes power plus troops power.


Ok, I’m feeling better that no one else seems to understand it either :joy: I’m guessing you are right that it is simply for determining team power.


Like Kerridoc said, hero power is a function of the other attributes of the hero. That function shouldn’t be particularly difficult to determine, but it doesn’t seem that useful either.
Maybe just as an exercise.