How to enjoy the game

For those who want to enjoy the game and never worry about ascension items.

Start the game over and never go above 3* hero’s and 2 * troops .

Find a ftp alliance who all have 3* hero’s and fight small titans together and enjoy war with the teams you all have maxed. Enjoy raiding with your mono colors.

Never worry about ascension items again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


I’d stay in the 3* league forever if there were one tbh :joy: My mono dream team would be five Muggy+20.


You know what, this is actually such a fantastic idea!!! Lol, maybe not start over but purely only play 3* and lower for everything… Maybe one day after, SG might balance the game and make it as enjoyable as it once was and start fixing/taking on the playerbase cool, exciting and innovative ideas that will make a change for the better


As a ftp player who is trying to level all their 3* before facing the slog of trying to level 4s and a 5, this idea made me laugh. Probably because of how simple it is. Simplicity is genius! Fantastic idea, love it!

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No TC20, no HA, enough emblems for all classes in all colors. And feeding 5* to the 3*! What a wonderful idea! :+1: :metal: :crazy_face: :partying_face:

Honestly after the telly/Vela Nerf I thought about just using all resources to 3* heroes and 2* troops and competing in those type of events. Only thing that really made me pause was there is still a massive time commitment on monthly events which would be a big part of that play style . With how late the end times for events are I don’t think it will work so I have just continued on in a more discontent state, but that gets old. Eventually I will likely need to revisit this idea, depends on bad the season 4 heroes are.

If you want to enjoy the game just don’t throw money in it.
You will soon know if and how much you like the game itself :woman_shrugging:t3:


Also just make 1 hit on the titan. Saves you lots of time since you get no loot anyway and the leader of your alliance will know your still active and not give you the boot :sunglasses::smiley:

20 characters worth of terrible advice

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We started booting people from my alliance because people constantly did 10-20k worth of titan damage. We won’t miss them.

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