How to emblem the Queen of hearts

I would love to know how to emblem this heroe if it is gonna do the work of a tank.

I thought that it will be more convenient to emblem it in defense and health because of its nature, that is to wall all special attacks.

Feel free to share your opinions! Do you think that is worth to invest in attack too?

I see that you followed the same path as me. Even if the minion inherits attack and VIT, I will go on through the defense/ health way. She’s intented to be a taunter, so she must be as strong as she can defensively.

One more thing, I don’t use her as a tank, but a left/ right flank.

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This is my main team. Do you think that is build the best way, as you say, around her?

Thanks for answering!

Yes. As Vixx said, the taunt of QoH is given by the minion, so you have to try to keep it as long as you can. If she were in a tank position, she’d probably lose it pretty quickly.

Ok, so until I have Freya or other heroes that set up minions on my team, i’ll go with health/defense path.

He says that he has other heroes with the same class that he thinks is worth to spend the embles on. Not my case. Only this Queen so i’m not worry about investing emblems on her, just want to do it competitively.

Obviously, it depends on the rooster that each one has. I have only two maxed paladins now (Richard and Queen) and I would go using emblems on her. Not only for defense, but attack as well (I use her in my mono red attack team).

I do the same. Do you have something to say about how i should order the heroes in my main team.

So grateful you answered!

I have the Hatter as well and I sometimes use him as a left flank so as to have green-blue-red in the middle. Maybe you could change the position of c. Tiburtus and the Hatter and test the team. If you see that it doesn’t work, then come back to the original team.

It was a pleasure to help you. :wink:

You are so nice. In wars as an strategy we put green heroes in tank position.

It is weird, but at the same time i thank that is worthest to spend the emblems on Ariel so if the tank is carried to death she can cure all the allies.

What do you think? Hatter in tank position is a gift ajajja.

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For me, Ariel is one of the best healers in the game, so don’t regret having given her the emblems.

Regarding the Hatter as a tank… It’s not the best position for him, as the rival will wait that he release his attack. It’s funnier using him in attack.:grin:

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Thanks for your time. Soon i will do the 30 heroes summon in Valhalla!

My team would love to have Alfrike or Freya just for fun.

I wish i could help you on something! See you around the posts!

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