How to do this in Chat?

Does anyone know how to write in the chat and form an image, for example in print:

I wasn’t aware that you can do that much in a single message. Was this posted from your alliance? I wasn’t aware those shapes could be done and certainly the code would exceed the amount of letters in a single message.

I mean there’s this:

And this:

Forgive me, but I can’t help but feel that your image may possibly be photoshopped.

No, it wasn’t in my Alliance, I saw it in a recruiting chat.
I just edited it to hide the name of who posted it, and what was written below the image.
It must have been very complicated to do because it has several colors.
I would just like to know if anyone has any similar.

If it was a photo in a Recruiting Chat, then it was likely photoshopped using images from an E&P Alliance chat with an emoji-made image cropped into it. It’s not possible to type in that large of an image with emoji coding with the limited character allotment from in-game chat.

Maybe @LordPaulos3 can help?


I make this:

A funny helicopter :joy::rofl:


I stand corrected. My apologies.


This is unbelievable, I know about ASCII art - it’s white and black however here it’s in color

Should we call it Unicode art? :laughing:

Right. I understand. I was wrong, and I apologize. Perhaps @LordPaulos3 can help you.

I really do not know.

But if you want to use my funny helicopter in the game chat feel free:

FAIL the code have bugs here in forum :joy::joy::joy:

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