How to destroy a building?

I am stuck with all my buildings at level 13. I can no longer evolve them because it is iron.
how can I destroy a building to put an iron stock and thus be able to evolve my stronghold?
thanks in advance.

@Rook, I noticed you’re on, and I’m just passing through. Would you mind helping Francois? I just approved his post. :slight_smile:

Hi Francois!

  1. you cannot delete a building (nor do you need to), you can only move them.

  2. you need to upgrade your Stronghold to be able to level up your buildings further. Do you have any open ground to build Iron Storages? Usually when you’re stuck, the game provides a way out.

  3. if you haven’t already read this Game Guide, keep it handy for hints, tips and tricks:

Did you perhaps convert an iron storage to barracks? If so, you can convert it back for free and convert an other building to barracks for free (I would suggest using a forge).

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Yeah, it’s what Konijntje said, I had the same problem. I think, this is like a bug. If you convert the wrong building, you’re stuck. I was very close to quit the game, because of this little problem.

And I solved it the same way: Forge!

Bless you! I bet that’s the issue…

@francois: Unconvert your Barracks to reveal the original building. Convert a low-level (lvl 5) Forge into the Barracks. Level up the revealed building (prolly your missing iron storage).


Please let us know if this solves your problem.

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Still want to be able to destroy buildings. Any chance you will review this and change the game?

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Wouldn’t help, since you won’t be able to build another building on that particular place.

At last everyone will have the same amount of farms, mines, stocks, houses, forges and training centers.

Since the forges are less used and one rarely needs more than two simultaneously, the other two could be used as barracks and hunters lodge without loosing any production.

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