How to deal with war jumpers

War jumpers are tough on all of us and very frustrating. Maybe this has been said before but I believe there should be some consequences for players that leave a clan during a war and not using their hits.
One thought I had was flag/mark these war jumpers some how for a 1-3 month period (depending how many times they did it). That way when recruiting we know that this new member already screwed someone else over. Than we could decide as a clan if worth the risk. I see it often where war jumpers are stalked and have to change names but that is unfair for a clan that accepts this member. Having them marked, and unable to remove the tag unless they complete the 1-3 month period or 4+ consecutive wars using all their hits. Thoughts on this? War jumpers really ruin the game for all of us.

If you are sufficiently upset by a war jumper, all you need to do is “Block” them via their icon in alliance chat. They should have said something or whatever.

Jumper can change their names ad nauseum but you will know straightaway when that jumper returns to your alliance using a new name: everyone else can see the new member under alliance, except you, cos you have blocked that player.


Great option if that member decides to rejoin clan but there should be a way to flag them so when they join your clan you know they already war jumped recentltv.

Also not uncommon for a merc to join a clan that is recruiting/wanting a new long term member but the merc just wants the titan. Timing end up messing with the clans war and they get shorted a member. Meanwhile they didn’t want or even need the Merc

Im upset for any clan dealing with a war jumper, even if it is my opponent in war.


That’s the only way I know that is tried and tested. GF, long retired, did that and reported that it flagged a new member as a war jumper.

Mercs seldom take note of alliance names. They go where the titan is, kill and then depart.

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I dont believe mercs are the main issue even though have had members leave to merc and got locked in others wars by mistake. If they didnt notice, they would have left that clan and screwed them over. All Im suggesting is marking a players character different some how by simply changing their character name to red in color (or something like that) so it stands out and shows that they recently war jumped.

What can work would be allowing leaders of affected alliances to leave a black mark on player’s public profile. This requires Zynga to first create a public profile for players, and then allowing leaders to leave comments or feedback via :+1::-1:.

That feedback won’t be confined to war jumping though but it would allow leaders to vet players before opening the door for “invite only” alliances.

I think leadship has enough responsibilities and duties. I still believe the game could easily add a marker of some sort that goes on a war jumpers character. That mark could be easily removed by the player by completing full wars. Multiple war jumps increases the war completions needed to remove the marker

Doing something like you suggested makes total sense but would require so much investment on the part of the game. A simple tag would be so easy to implement.

Sticking on the theme of using a way to mark the war jumper, that player could also have a set timer added for that mark to be removed from their account. Every war jump afterwards adds increasing amounts of time on the mark.

So if I had a mark on me and I joined your clan, you can simply click on it and see I still have 6 weeks left on it. That would be the red flag that Im a repeat offender on war jumping. At least having that ability to see that a player has war jumped, a clan can make their own decision if they want to risk allowing them in.

Not really. Playing a game where player profiles are public. Leaders only need to flag players when necessary.

If Zynga can create that tag you suggested, then that tag can be used for W3K too. That would come in handy too to id ahead players who left flags in the last W3K.

Warband members are at least alerted, and won’t be as frustrated later.

Of course it’s still better to auto opt out players who leave flags. After one war or one W3K.

Good points, it probably could also be used other ways. Im half asleep haha but Im sure there would be other benfits, something will come to mind l8r.

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War jumpers are frustrating. Not sure a Scarlet A pin bestowed by others is the solution given the potential for abuse.
Vet new players and accept that occasionally, someone will bolt before using some or all of their flags. It can rally an alliance knowing they are an underdog.

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Totally agree it will still be abused and happen even if the player is tagged. At least if the clan knew that the new member recentltv war jumped one or multiple times, the clan could than make their own decision if worth the risk and allow them to participate. Thanks for the input, I still believe this topic needs to have a good conversation around it.

Someone had mentioned mercs. The war jumper flag should only be set if a player left during a war they had opted into when they hadn’t used all their flags. Players who leave after using all of their flags or get kicked shouldn’t be tagged as jumpers.