How to deal with titan being kill so quickly

I’d direct them/educate them on how titan loot works.

This is many moons old, but anecdotally, it still holds true. Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

At the 14* titan level, if you get over a D, you have the same shake at loot as anyone above you. The only thing it accomplishes is:
*Wastes resources (preventing personal growth)
*Prevents others from hitting (preventing others growth)
*Slows the growth of the team as a whole

Are the same people popping off also complaining about not having food? :rofl:

One “game” I recently found out about for rare titans is “200k”. How it works:
*The aim is to get 200k
*Whoever is closest, wins. Who ever has the A+ loses.
*The winner picks the loser’s Avatar/Line Avatar/phrase they need to say each time they chat/etc.

Does any of this stop people from going bananas? Nope. :sweat_smile: