How to deal with my TCs

Hi guys,
recently I’ve gained many good heroes from my TCs and the ones I’m currently looking for are:

  • Kiril
  • Magni
  • Sartana

while I’m growing

  • to 3.60 Gormek
  • to 3.60 Boldtusk - (the 2nd)
  • to 3.60 Grimm - (the 4rd)
  • to 4.80 Joon
  • to 4.80 Lianna
  • to 3.70 Obakan

next to be leveled

  • to 4.80 Gravemaker
  • to 4.70 Caedmon
  • to 3.60 Sir. Lancelot
  • to 3.60 Kelile
  • to 3.40 Grimm - (the 5th)
  • to 3.60 Chao - (the 1st)
  • to 3.60 Chao - (the 2nd)
  • to 3.60 Tiburtus - (the 3rd)

And so… I’ll change my TC20 queue but… how?
I were thinking about:

x1 TC 20
x1 TC 2
x2 TC 11

It is for the best or ther’s a better way (to train stuff without running out of materials?)

When I was cursed, I mean blessed, with a butt load of heroes to level I shut off my TC20’s. I ran two full time TC11’s, and then varied TC 1, TC 2, and TC19 between the other two. When I ran out of mats, all 4 went to TC11 (that’s still 48 heroes per day). When I got more mats, I’d shut one or two off. I shut down my TC20’s for the better part of a month and it was worth it as I now have a ton of hero options for titans, raiding, AW, etc.

Once I got comfortable with where I was in leveling I brought two TC20 back. That’s just what I did.

Good luck!


I think I’ll do that :wink:

I’ll start converting my TC20s into a fat TC11, wait for them to cook the last hero and then burn trough swords and backpacks.

i had saved up a buttload of gems and tokens for Zeline. I didn’t get her but I did get about 5 new cards to level and another 10 duplicated I wanted to level as well. I had no choice but to shut them (the TC20) down or go mad slowly leveling these new cards and probably getting even more cards to level.

With a few standard game heroes on your want list, I’d keep one TC20 going all the time. Plus its queue is a food bank…

Everybody should have one TC11 going as a recruit bank, and most efficient feeder generation plant, from when you can first do it until you delete the game :laughing:

That leaves you with two more…

You need feeders more than heroes to level, so don’t run either at TC20

Most efficient is to run #3 at TC11 too.

What about #4? That comes down to priorities for you:

If you want to level the heroes on your bench fast, switch it between TC1(TC3 if you are impatient and can afford to burn some food), TC2, and TC19, using up your swords, backpacks, and rugged clothes.

If you want to wait for a new event hero, hotm, Kiril, Magni, or Sartana instead, run TC11 … and bank spare food in your TC20, and hoard swords, backpacks, and clothes for when you get an exciting hero.