How to deal with Morgan Le Fay in the event on advanced?

I failed once on lvl 8 too and because of Morgan too. so boring. as revenge, I tripled my reds (Scarlet, Kelile and Bold. only scarlett 60/70 and 8/8)

on level 10, I failed twice. always morgan upsetting me and worse tile too. I took my 3 reds plus Rigard and Melendor almost all full except Scar. on third try, I took like battle items, arrows, axes, bomb and dragon attack. I reduced Morgan’s life of about more than 300 pts, and a little Arthur and Guenevere. then, I threw 3 dragon, bomb and axes on them. hit them a little and when I saw they were ready to use their spec, I threw an arrow, they missed some heroes and hit some. after two hits using arrows, I threw last axes and arrows on them and killed Morgan.
Finally, I killed Arthur and Guen in the very end.

Hope that’ll help !

Thanks to this thread I’ve completed advanced tier for the first time in the game. :slight_smile:


Thanks to this thread I am through stage 9 on intermediate for the first time!! Thank you!!


I find this thread more useful to defeat intermediate than advanced. I found Advanced far easier than intermediate because of access to time stops and dragon attacks. Using combo of time stop, dragon attack, bombs and mana I sorted level 10 advanced without them even firing a special, for 81k score.

This was using Boldtusk, Caedmon, Rigard, Gormek and Chao (see?!? You CAN actually do stuff with Chao! :wink: )

I struggled a lot more in Intermediate. Used Boril to reduce Arthur and bombs and mana potions to concentrate on Guin. After that it was just patience to take out Morgan. Used Boldtusk, Boril, Caedmon, Rigard and Gormek, with bombs, healing, mana and axes. If I could be bothered to do it again (I couldn’t. Really dislike Avalon event) I would probably have swapped Boril for Chao. It would have been more painful to take arthur, but finishing Morgan would have been far easier.

Intermediate Avalon I find a real drag.

Advanced easier then intermediate?

Lol I 1 shotted Morgan with 3 tiles with wu on stage 10 and overall for someone who has only 3 maxxed 5 stars the tile damage on intermediate is way better

I suspect if you had the same tile layout in Advanced it may have been just as easy. If you had sucky tile layout in intermediate it would have been hard. (I’m assuming you were tripling on a colour to 1 shot with wu… or got very lucky with hits vs misses).

I’m talking ‘on average’. You can use just about any hero combination in advanced, and be subject to really sucky tile layouts and still win with relative ease because it allows you dragon attack, bombs and time stop. You don’t have this luxury in intermediate, so I find it harder (on average… lucky tiles or roles aside).

Depends on the available heroes and tactics used I guess.
For intermediate I took the slower approach, using paired yellows (4/70 Jackal & Wu) and greens (4/70 Caedmon & 3/60 Melendor) with 4/70 Boldtusk for red and healing. I’m not winning any time prizes there, but it works well for completion.
In Advanced I paired reds (4/70 Boldtusk & 4/80 Natalya) and yellows (4/61 Joon & Wu again) along with 4/80 Alberich in green. Faster gameplay there, focussing more on taking the opponents faster than standing up and grinding them down.
I used three of arrows, bombs, axes, and dragon blasts as the level allowed, with minor healing for emergencies. Difficulty for me was about the same for both intermediate and advanced.

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What level of a Forge is required for a Time stop?

Forge level 18 is needed for making time stops.

Thank you. I have two levels to go then. :slight_smile:

I used double greens (Caedmon and Melendor), two reds ( Bold and Gormek or Falcon) and Wu. I only can craft arrows and axes and was able to beat it easily with the right board layout. I used the same team for both intermediate and advanced. I cant make it to Morgan in beginners because my 3* heroes are barely leveled.

Hey guys, I’m glad this thread helped you out :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t done the intermediate one yet, but I, ll do it probably tomorrow. Advanced was OK with vattle items, and I’ve posted a video of me beating it in another thread and what Strategy I’ve used there in case you are interested :slight_smile:

Lool that’s great then @SuuriKoira. Advanced should be more easy with completed fully maxed epic heroes or legendaries. if you have many fully maxed 4*, and good ones that’ll be easy. I finished three times Intermediate and two times Advanced with my not so bad epic heroes.

I wish I had them. In fact I have only 3 fully maxed 4*, one 4/51 and several at 3/60. So, I was not able to beat bosses at advanced level 10 without burning them away with Dragon fire, bombs and axes. Not a fair win, but at least a first step towards that. :slight_smile: Still have a way to go before the next event.

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I’ve just breezed through level 10 on intermediate with 4/45 BT, 3/60 rigard, 3-60 Tib, 4/45 Mel and 4/65 Wu. Used 8 small mana potions and 1 small healing potion. I think that Intermediate difficulty depends a lot on what heroes do you use. I’ve taken them in the Order of Guin, Morgan, Arthur. Morgan heal is managable in intermediate - on Advanced she heals for the same damage you are dealing but she also drains your heroes as well and charges extremely fast.

That’s nice then. How many times have you been playing that game ? which Alliance are you in ? do you easily get ascension materials ?
and at which levels are your training camps ?

Which one?

Ice Cream Party

No. :frowning: Gods of Randomness don’t favor me. At least, not always.


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I mean Empires and Puzzles. upgrade one of your TC to lvl 20. you’ll prob get a legendary

Yes, I know. I’m working towards this. Even with a VIP two builders it takes quite a time.

Yes… but in Advanced you can take her down with Dragon attack and/or reset her with time stop.

I’ll try Wu out on next Avalon. Maybe he’s the key as the rest of your team is not too disparate from what I used in my Advanced (in nature of their specials). If using Wu then you’d need your dispeller to be healer type (Melandore / sabina) to not risk the dispel missing when Wu is active.