How to deal with Morgan Le Fay in the event on advanced?

I mean how do you beat level 8 and 10 on advanced without using high end craftables? I mean is it possible?

I’m using a mix of 3/60 4* and almost maxed 4 stars for the event, so I’m ok with finishing the levels with craftables, but Morgan seems ■■■ to beat without those even with good heroes. I’ve used 2 time stops, 3 Dragon Attacks, 4 bombs and 5 axes on level 8.

For level 9 I’ve used 2 defense banners, 1 arrows and 4 small mana potions. I mean the difference is lol.

To my surprise her special bypasses perfect ripost as well so on my second try I lost again.

The only things that I imagine might work to control her are Merlin which is the event hero lol and Aeron to pervent her special who is the current HOTM double lol. I imagine Joon’s Blind might work to some extent. I suppose other cool actives wouldn’t work as well. Does Magni reduce the damage/healing or does it get by passed as well? Does Vivica actually protect from the passive?

I’m not really whining, as it is clearly beatable at least with craftables, but I am just curious about your strategies :smiley:

I beat the last level of advanced with Peters Boldtusk Zeline Natalya and Alberich. Natalya and Peters fired on Morgan first, I killed her with tile damage/Boldtusk buff. Same then on Guin. Didin’t use any items. Morgan and Guin never fired because of Nat’s slow mana, and Peters’ silence.

On the previous wave I did clean up my board to remove blue, purple and yellow tiles as much as I could, and all my heroes were ready to fire. Scored 81k on level 10 for reference.

edit: I know everyone seems to be using Wu Kong and a hero that lowers defence, but Kong kinda annoyed me and made me lose that level twice so I got rid of him for that level. Not trying for speed to better my score, but just for finish to get the rewards.


My first couple of attempts did not go well, and I used dragon attacks, axes, bombs…still did not make a dent. I decided to use Anchor’s method, lol. So, in my successful attempt, I used tornadoes, time stops, axes and bombs.

My team was 4/51 Nataylya, 4/51 zeline, max boldtusk, 4/22 wu kong, max gormek.

I used a bomb or two in the first round, and saved the others for the boss round.

I ended with a not very competitive score, but at least I finished it, lol.

Yeah forgot about CBP - he is alwsome I’ll try to get him next month - I really want him - such an useful hero!

My team for level 8 was: 4/42 BT, 4/42 Mel, 3/60 Rigard with 6/8 special, 3/60 Kellie and 3/60 chao.

For level 9 I’ve used the healers, but I’ve swapped Chao and Kellie with 3/60 cyprian and 4/64 Wu :slight_smile:

A couple things worked for me. One, I used two healers (Boldtusk and Rigard). They slow things down, but I survived with zero deaths. Two, use heros that skip armor and cause straight damage. The much maligned Lady Locke works perfect here. She can eat all three bosses of over 800 health. Also, the time stop potion is handy at keeping those pesky boss specials from ever being used. I just finished round ten without any enemy specials ever going off before they all died.

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One word: Falcon :face_with_monocle:

I went the other route; first Guin then Arthur and finally chip off Morgan piece by piece. Used a healer, mana potions and 1 timestop.

On lv 8 I used natalya 4/56, maxed tusk, maxed wu kong, joon 4/42 and Lianna 4/72. Used 2 time stops to hold morgan.
On lv 9 used Sartana 4/73, Panther 3/52, Natalya, Boldtusk and Joon, took morgan first, guin second and arthur last. Used one tornado and 3 time stop, plus a couple of mana porions to speed Natalya and slow morgan’s mana

Defense reduction, attack boost and at least one good red hero for tile damage.

If you have a charged Little Jhon / Merlin / Cabin Boy Peters / Natalya and hit Morgan Le Fay she’ll hardly use his special or if even she’ll manage to fire it’ll be too late to survive to your board.

Only reason I was able to beat the event last time around was because I pulled a Merlin and power leveled him up before the event was done. lol

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I have no 5*, I pulled Merlin in the first hour of the event, using TC19 and some level 1 overnight, he is at 4/66 right now, and I am at level 9 on advanced. I am counting on him to make me win.

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Good luck! Level 10 is nasty though so take care :slight_smile:

So you’ll have to forgive me because I used high end craftables…but. My team was:

4/70 Wu, Mel, Skittle, Gormek, Melendor
4/80 Ares (though for the sake of argument it could be Boldtusk)

Bombs, Dragon, 100% mana, Time stop

Played the normal boards through fine. Came in with close to full health, all specials ready and a green diamond. On the bosses I literally did this:

Dragon attack X5
Bombs X5
Fire Ares
Fire Gormek
Fire Skittle
Fire Wu
Move tiles to beat Gwen (take some damage - fire melendor)
Explode diamond - Arthur dead thanks to Wu tiles (this surprised me)
Move red tiles to hit Morgan - wu buff works and Morgan is dead

Did not use a single time stop.

Just wanted to provide what I literally just did as a reference point, even though I did use high end craftables.

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The team I used on my alt was:
Sartana (3/70)

Items were:
small mana
medium mana

It wasn’t particularly difficult, though the final stage took a long time and all my items. I don’t consider bombs high level as it only needs level 12 forge.

The biggest thing to remember is morgan has a crazy 94% fire defense buff, so if you don’t have a dispeller, don’t bother hitting her with reds.

So I’m assuming that you got all your hero specials charged on the 2nd stage so they were charged going into the boss?

For stage 8 - target her first with all specials and play the board a bit to damage her, then unload all axes and bombs. She should drop pretty easily. Remember her fire buff if you’re using reds like you should.

For stage 10, you’re going to need to be more careful, since you have a lot you want to dispel here. But I’d start the same - only shoot tiles into morgan, you want to delay the guin cycle of doom as long as possible. When she’s low enough, unload all the axes and bombs to finish her off. In the meantime, only use as few potions as possible to dispel AND only dispel her if you are going to hit her with red tiles or red specials.

Once she’s dead, ghost tiles on the left. IF you’ve been conservative with your potions, you have plenty to use to dispel Guin IMMEDIATELY after she casts, so you can hit her with purple specials and tiles and she stops healing. Then finish arthur off when he’s alone.

That strategy has worked on my alt account that only has 70s on an account that doesn’t have Wu or Falcon leveled (just got falcon last month and wu yesterday).

As @Dante2377 said, without directly saying it when he said be careful, TAKE YOUR TIME on stage 10 in particular. Ignore the timer for sure. Especially because the time bonus isn’t as significant.

You need to be under 100 second for the entire stage if you’re going to top 10. If you can’t do that, or aren’t trying for top 50/100 wherever the break is, yah, don’t worry about the timer.

WIth a high end craftable, Dragon attack, its easy like sunday morning.

Dragon attack X5 = 2000 damage
Bombs X5 = 1500 damage
Axes X5 = 1000 damage
Arrows X5 = 500 damage

Total = 5000 damage

Morgana has 4830 so she dies right away, leaving Arthur and Guinevere both with 453 life, they have 5453 life total.

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Mana control is key

Last event I could not beat her, but I got a little John leveled and kept slowing her mana while bombarding everyone with wu

I want to thank everyone for the tips. I got up to stage 7 intermediate so far. Quite a bit farther than I thought I’d get. Just trying to improve each time until I can finish.

Thanks again.

PS: just beat stage 7. Thank you Caed!


Falcon + C.Kestrel