How to create an alliance?

Me and3 may friends are in an alliance where the leader has disappeared and we do not have a co-leader. We want to create a new alliance. How do it?

I dont speak inglish.

It is probably a better idea for you all to join the same alliance that already exists. It is very hard to fill up a new alliance.


I’m pretty sure that one of you will have to exit the alliance before the buttons to make a new one appear.

What language do you speak first? I might be able to help find you a place to go in a different online group.

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I came through the same problem.
I was the co leader and the leader was away for 65 days or so.

First if you want a new alliance the new leader must have 50 gems to open a new alliance.

Then after the new leader left and opened he cant go back because he need the 50 gems again. So discuss exactly when you leave and open a new one. Make a date and time when.

Also make sure enough people will follow.
About 8-12 are a good start.

At start you only get 1-2 star titans and you often automatically win AW the first 1-2 times.

Thats what i gone threw.

Now i have a better alliance than before :slight_smile:

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Similar. Some of the people that said they would move to the new one got lost along the way…it was a shame. But now I’m part of a very active and helpful alliance. Its really the best part of the game for me right now.

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Thank you all. Special thanks to NPNKY for the tale and invitation. I do not speak English so I want an alliance that speaks my language. I speak Portuguese (I’m Brazilian). I’m going to talk to my friends so we can make the decision together.

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It is important that you and friends share email addresses or join a messaging app like Line which can be downloaded free fromm google and apple.

Staying in touch makes sure you stay together.

Good luck


I agree. There are lots of active alliances that lack for 1-5 members. If you check the correspondent forum you’ll see several topics that emerge every day inviting new members.
I don’t think it will be a problem finding an alliance that speaks Portuguese.

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If you go to the Alliance Recruitment chat in game, you can choose Portuguese as the language and likely find someone to take you guys in. Hopefully it isn’t the nightmare that the English section is.

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Translation (Portuguese): Rosi, I do not know if you’re already in an alliance, but if your leader disappeared, you leave. It’s easy. At the bottom of the game, click on the alliance link and you have the option to leave. Now if you’re not already in an alliance, we have the Dragões Lendarios. For people beginner or experienced, we have zap of the clan for any existing doubt, tips for leveling, strategies and convivial good people. Leader is Japa Tere.

(Portuguese alliance)

Thank you all. I created the new alliance. Fourteen companions came together. Anyone who joins us will come to "Força sempre! "

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Is someone in an alliance? what prize does a titan of 1 and 2 * give?

A traing alliance just started for players under 800 cups. You learn by fighting 1/2* titans.

Drop by troll akadami for answers

A few brewing materials and maybe 1 gem. Like a monster chest now a days or less