How to create a side account in Samsung?

Hi, at the moment my current account upgrating of buildings takes ages even with two workers and I miss the beginings when it grew fast. So I decided to create a side account for fun but no matter how many times I try when I open the app on my mobile, it doesn’t allow me to create a new account. Whenever I try, the game opens with the main account. Can anyone help me or on a mobile it’s imposible to play with two accounts?

Hello @Celwern !
You have to create a new google account first. Then you got in game the option to switch.
If you already created one, ensure that this one is active in Google Play before starting game.


But be advised that if you run into some difficulty (or bug) somewhere down the line that SG does not support two accounts on the same device.

Hi, I already have a new gmail account and it is active in google games play. In fact I enter to Empire & puzzles throuh google play but still it opens the main account and not the new one. As for in game, i can’t find where is the option to change accounts.
Princess1, thanks for the warning. Don’t understand why SG don’t help with two accounts on 1 mobile. More accounts, more chances for a player to spend money on the game?

I agree! I have two accounts but on separate tablets. I spend equally on both games and I’m sure other players with multiple accounts do the same.

Hi @Celwern please see this post

It is in German but shows how to switch

Thanks! I found the way to swich. I guess every one’s first 3 stars heroes is Bane, hehehe.


Yes, and you should keep him.

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I still keep it in my main account! But used him only on events and 3 stars tournaments. :smiley:

You can with google accounts. 2 gmails and you can switch every time . A lot of fun

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On Samsung you may use “samsung secure folder” (“sicherer Ordner” in German). Calles Knox before. Its like a second device.

Ok, first time I learn about the usefulness of that folder🙄. I’m not very handy using the mobile😅

I have 3 accounts:. The Shoddy Poodle. in Psalm 133:1 Alliance.
Who’s Who in Saints on Burbon.
Special Venom in Royal Cobra Alliance.

As a side note, have been told, it 8s possible to open new accounts with different E-Mail Accounts, too.

Good Luck, to you. Hope this information is helpful to you. :slight_smile:

It is Possible to open different accounts with different E-Mail addresses.

Good Luck. Hope this is helpful information. :slight_smile:

Yes, i opened my second account and I am having lots of fun. Thanks to all that have replied

On my second account, I have 4 Bane lol.

In this new account I bought two atlantis pulls and got Gato and Gill-Ra.
I was not familiar with them. I found out that Gato works quite well with Bane and both are my main attackers.
Gill-Ra is still too low level to see a significance when farming but I’ll wait to see if she gets better. It’s not that I have many choices.
Plus I am having fun using heroes I didn’t get to play with my main account. Still sometimes I miss the possibility of changing your rooster depending of the adversaries.
Hehehe, try playing 7/4 without a green heroe. Almost didn’t make it but I discovered that for 1 play you get 14 monsters instead of the 11 you get a 8/7. So rediscovering the game😀