How to create a defensive team

Hello, I have a question about the rules of building a defensive team. In particular, what gods should be placed near the middle or tank or those who heal or those who have a quick attack or those who give to attack or lower the defense and on the sides of the hero who attacks several types Chao or John? What should the setting next to the tank look like?

I’m doing these things now

And these are my best heroics and defense

I am asking for your opinion as to what to do, whether Morgana will be defensive. greetings

It would help if people could see your roster…

You can summarise how a defense sould work in this way:

  • you have to survive
    • heroes who heals
    • reduce attacker’s mana
    • decrease attack, increase your defense
    • remove attacker’s buffs, cures your debuffs
  • you have to kill your foes
    • heroes who deals damage
    • decrease defense, increase your attack

There are heroes who falls under more than one category and those are the best, for example Guinevere is a hero that

  1. Heal (herself and nearby)
  2. Increase defense (herself and nearby, against dark element only)
  3. Decrease foe’s mana

or Zeline, that

  1. Deals AoE damage
  2. Remove attacker’s buffs
  3. Decrease attacker’s attack

Those heroes are usually found on the tank’s spot (Guinevere) and as flank (Zeline).
Your goal when planning your defense would be do have a great resistance while also dealing solid damage.


I have sent which heroes I can help

Morgan Le Fay, Kashhrek, Alberich, Boril and Cyprian could be good tanks.
The most useful hero of those 5 is Alberich, level him over Morgan Le Fay.

Proteus, Scarlett and Sonya are good flanks and and the two girls as being fast heroes could do well even in the corner. Medium heroes as Protues Cyprian and Boril are good as flank but not so much into the corner (and the dwarf and the undead would only affect up to 2 heroes with their special in this way).

You could try to build this team for now:


Well thank you very much and how to develop the rest of the heroes, how would the composition look like? Morgana in the composition of Alberich or either he or she?

Morgan really shines on Tank’s spot for raids and on a corner for war defenses.
You could use both of them when you’ll find a solid tank, by placing Alberich on the left corner and Morgan on the right one.


And who would be the good tank for Alberich and Morgane? And then what would it look like?

So, for example, could it be such a defensive composition from the left Alberich, Proteus, Ares, Boril, Morgan?

Yes, Ares is a good tankbut it could work better with flanking heroes that would use his attack boost.

A defensive lineup with Kashrek as a tank and a side to the left Cyprian and from the right Borill a good idea? And two next to eg Chao and John?

Usually it’s not wise to double the color of your central hero on your defense (if you wanted to put Little John) but Kashhrek is a good tank and he could stall the attackers while your Cyprian and Boril would charge their special, it could work :slight_smile:

in which case, who could Chao, Cyprian, Kashrek, Boril and who was it red for?

Uhm, Id say to avoid to put Sumitomo near a riposte hero, Sir Lancelot when he isn’t between other 2 heroes and Wilbur, where he would be not good as corner heroes.

This leave the spots opened for Boldtusk, Gormek and Kelile. Usually fast heroes are better than slower ones so Id say to put Kelile as your right corner’s hero.

Thank you so much for the help, now the matter is clear and this Wilbura with whom to use the characters for titan green?

Wilbur is good for every titans but against a green one Id pair him with Boldtusk, Wu Kong (if available) and other red heroes.

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