How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

I need to report a bug about Mitsuko , her ice reflect mana perk is not reflecting the damage back it has happened several times on me this evening during pvp battles against a variety of blue heroes . I have put up the reflect shield then got hit by blue next move and it took my health away and theres was not affected and this has happenes in alot of matches which has cost me the battle which takes hero kills away to fill my hero challenge and wastea my attacks which i have had to use gems at least 3 times to buy raid energy . Could you please work on this issue or give me my gems back please … Thanks

First at the war preperation i can only choose 3* heroa second after that can’t log In my war defennce looks like 3heros but usually i have 5heros why is that?

Mitsuko doesn’t reflect all blue damage. She only reflects damage and status affects from blue specials. So if you’re getting hit by the normal slash attack that defenders make, this is the expected behavior.

Also, enemies with the Pierce class skill have a chance to bypass Mitsuko’s shield even on specials.

If you’ve activated Mitsuko’s special, you’ve been damaged by the special of a blue foe, and you’re 100% certain that no Pierce or dispel occurred, then you should create a new thread in #bugs-issues to report this problem.

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Thanks for responding , yes i am aware of how mitsuko mana works and the issue was when the blue heroes used there mana attack on my team within the 4 turns and everytime this happened every hero still had reflect symbol on there card.

For the pierce , i also paid attention to those heroes which the pierce symbol never popped up when it shows you its activated , some heroes were ones that had that ability but it didnt activate the times the shield failed and it also failed on blue heroes that dont even have pierce ability .

But again thank you and thanks for the correct link , i am new to the thread and still learning how it all works .

I made a request to recover my lost account and the reply did not come and often they closed my application without a reply i need help please

I’m just a fellow player and volunteer moderator, so unfortunately there’s not a lot I can do to help. :frowning_face:

The only thing I can do is suggest contacting Support again, and make sure you’ve tried everything in this help article, and included all of the required information in your request:

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Thank you. Can anyone help me here?

Unfortunately, no. No one on the Forum, including SG staff, addresses any issues with accounts or player-specific problems.

Contacting Support is the only way to get help from SG directly, and only SG can help with account issues.

Thank you for your help and wish you a happy day

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Thanks, you too!

I did notice this at the bottom of that article:

Due to the high volume of lost account requests, we ask all players to kindly follow these steps and provide all requested details to speed up the process. Any support requests with missing details will be automatically closed.

So if your request was closed without a response, I’d pay extra careful attention to making sure you submit everything listed as required in that article.

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Yes, that’s what happens with me. They close my application and I do not know why. Thank you for your efforts

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You’re welcome, and I hope it works out!

If we open a ticket and they close it with out resolution what do we do? I asked for them to escalate as I provided screen shots and was treated as if I just picked up the game today.

I still have heard nothing back except someone telling me how the game works. As a level 27 player I know how to look at my loot. I had provided screen shots of missing loot their in an issue. Please respond and escalate my ticket.


On Feb 19, 2019, at 8:18 PM,

With all due respect, I know how to read and play the game. I provided screen shots with the loot winnings and then pictures that show the loot was not in my inventory. I posted on the chat pages and was told to log a support ticket and that you would help. I am not looking for free stuff I was trying to resolve an issue as a program manager if I don’t listen to my customers I won’t have a job tomorrow and I don’t much appreciate being dismissed when I have provided a lot of details. Please escalate my ticket.


On Feb 19, 2019, at 10:18 AM, Small Giant Support <> wrote:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Your request (181900) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Support (Small Giant Games)

Feb 19, 17:18 EET
Hi sparky

When you receive Heroes, Troops and Loot in the game, a notification will pop up - or if you are not in the game, when you login - detailing each item that you have received.

In case you missed the pop-up notification before seeing the items that you have received, you can also check by:
Tapping Menu > Inventory

A red square will appear above the Inventory icon which shows a number. This corresponds to the amount of new items you have received. All new content in the Inventory, Hero and Troop Roster are highlighted by the glowing ‘New’ notification.

The same thing is applied to Heroes and Troops. You can check that the new Heroes have been added to your Roster by:
Tapping Menu > Heroes

You can check that the new Troops have been added to your Barracks by:
Tapping Barracks > Troops

There are no known issues or bugs in the game that would cause missing loot, but if you believe you have not received an item, we would need the exact date and time to review our player logs.

In general, technical issues affecting missing Heroes or Troops, Rewards or Loot are not limited to a single account, but if there were a bug, it would affect a significant amount of accounts. In these cases, the issues are noticed quickly by both our team and our players, who report them to us through the Forum and Support System.

Any known issues regarding the game are posted on the Announcements page of our FAQ and on our Community Forum.

Best of luck with the battles!

Kind Regards,
Small Giant Games

Feb 17, 06:32 EET
Another one it’s not really worth me playing until this is fixed but I don’t have that choice because I can’t let my alliance down or I will get booted I am one of their strongest players.

On Feb 16, 2019, at 3:49 PM, Small Giant Support <> wrote:


Feb 17, 05:48 EET

FYI this is still happening all night here is a picture and it’s very frustrating for all the hard work to keep having these issues and not know how much I have lost is crazy. This time I got the backpacks but nothing else. image2.png



On Feb 16, 2019, at 3:49 PM, Small Giant Support <
Feb 16, 22:49 EET
I thought I was crazy this first couple times this happened but, it just happened again. I have noticed that in the past I have completed a stage and see the rewards/hero’s but when I go to use them they are not there. I literally just played a stage to get back packs and swords. The reward was two backpacks and a sword plus some other stuff and I never got it. I went to go make hero’s and there weren’t there and the inventory showed no new items. When this happened in the past I thought I was making it up but apparently there is a bug that needs to be looked at. Let me know if you need more info or how I can help.

Most low level items (1*, 2*) don’t change the red number on the inventory tabs, and they don’t get the little “new” label on the icon. It looks like that’s what’s happening here.

Unless you had a count of your Sturdy Rope, for instance, before and after the loot box, it would be impossible to tell whether you had received a new one or not.

So I did I had gotten backpacks and played down to get the backpacks then I went to go use them to build hero’s and I had no backpacks. It happened like 3 times. Very frustrating when I was trying to build hero’s and I only noticed because working towards a specific item. Lord only knows what I have been missing and I don’t write it down because then the game is no longer fun. I am a program manager and I fix bugs and issues all day long so I find them in games a little easier then most.

Interesting. I would be pretty frustrated in your shoes.

I guess the only thing I can think of: I see that you didn’t explain explicitly to the CSR that you had counted and definitely come up short. Maybe this would have helped them understand what’s going on? I bet they get a lot of messages from people who just check the little red numbers…

I thought that happened to me once, but it turned out I kind of double clicked the summons button and so I got an extra unwanted troop worth 40 experience points. Totally my fault but it really only cost me around AUD $1.50. For some reason, 40 days later I still feel irritated for some reason.

good day … there is error in the points of the war with the new update … the points awarded in victoria is with error … picture with the new update points war before combat war

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One of my alliance members had their account suspended and he doesnt know why. How does he contact you if he cant get into his game