How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

Game keeps crashing when in raid battles. Just had a near win and game crashed which gave me a raid loss. Can this be sorted please

I made an order today for 300 gems and 30 gems for my alliance members and I was charged twice and not received anything

I suggest to contact support directly.

Proof of my order and deduction and I did not receive anything

Hi! I’m a former moderator (which means player just like you, and have no power).

Please contact the game directly, as instructed in the first post of this thread. :+1:

(I have heard of a double bill before; usually it is handled quickly if you contact support directly.)

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What do you do when support says you have failed to provide your account identifier, which I have. I’m going around in circles. E&P says to contact Google. Google responds with contact developer. How is that even supposed to work?

EDIT: @Petri @KiraSG

Issue, Bluestacks got me to delete game play data without any warning.

I am unable to sign into my account since noon today, used all kinds of different networks, wifi, data all options but the game doesn’t load. I am using a Samsung note 10, tried signing in from an older Samsung galaxy 8 device but got the prompt that it was no longer compatible with the device - PLEASE HELP. has my account been hacked?? My game ID is Michangela 599

Try submitting a support ticket

Thank you, did manage to access my account after reinstalling the game (something I did as a last resort) but just for reference how does one generate a support ticket

See the original post above :arrow_double_up:

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