How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

Здавствуйте помогите мне восстановить игру как мне ее остановили и написали если ошибка обратитесь в службу,много раз обращалась не могут помочь что мне делать если фейсбуке есть иргра моя

Hello, help me restore the game as it was stopped for me and wrote if there is an error, contact the service, many times you can not help me what to do if there is an irgra on my Facebook

That helps thanks! Multiple steps get confusing and just like some phone services just to get to the right option. My patience runs thin on that and it can get frustrating. Once I have something down no problem.

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помогите плиз

help pliz

Писала в тех поддержку, говорю что ошибка какая нибудь, за 4года впервые, почему

I uninstalled reinstalled the app now I can’t play and I’m in war with my clan

My samsung j7 erro i need reset all. Affter reset i can’t connec my accout. I dont remember accout google and can’t recover it. My name in game : Funnypig
Can be help me recover my accout game?
This is link i shave for my friend for more invite in game :

Hey, @Nguyenhoi!
If you can’t access your game to contact the customer service, press on this link:

Then you need to send a support request using the contact form with as much information possible that can help them identify your problem:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

I done it but nobody help me. I bought vip every month and very much in shop. But no GM help me. This game has good service for gamer?

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hello. i am not sure where to get help. i bought goblin balloon at $2.99 in order to get 100 wizard emblems which was shown in the balloon but the game sent me 100 paladin emblems instead which was not my priority. can someone direct me please. i want to get what i purchased for but not something else? anyone encoutered this type of issue and how was it dealt with?

Please my friend in my alliance his account go back from the beginning and he in level 72 he lost his progress in the game his user name in my alliance is M.A the Egyptian king my alliance name Egyptian kings please help him to return to the game :pray::pray:

The path of valor today i e use the dragon attacks and crafted every type of healing potion and cannot complete the task

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The Farholme pass quest did not give the damascas blade as expected. The additional blade did not show up in my inventory.

Correction, all is well. Thank you for your reply.

Please check your recent activity from the in-game menu. If it shows there that means you receive it.
If indeed it’s missing, you will need to contact customer service.

What good is the contact support if you cant log in to the game to report issue not able to log in to game it freezes with the first black screen with game logo. I’ve downloaded newest version, cleared game cache and closed all open apps and rebooted my phone a dozen times and still can NOT log in to game! And no way to contact support is very frustrating.

Could this be added to the top post, please?

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I asked Petri a while back and didn’t get anything concrete in reply. From memory there was something else rather large that happened that week.

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“Error - you already own this item”
ANYTHING I try to purchase in the game give me this sort of error. I can’t purchase gems any more, can’t get the Valor pass, nothing… I’ve searched through and tried to find a few fixes and tried them but still no luck…

Boa noite, estou com problema com minha conta antiga, meu cartão de crédito foi clonado e fizeram algumas compras nele no game Empire, eu entrei em contato com a operadora do cartão solicitando no cancelamento das compras efetuadas pelo a pessoa que clonou meu cartão de crédito, porém a operadora bloqueou até às compras que eu mesmo tinha feito de diamantes. Resultado fiquei com um saldo devedor no game e minha conta foi bloqueada, gostaria de poder resolver essa situação.

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