How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

All good; best of luck with the ticket :slight_smile:

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Can this please be reopened at some point? it was getting talkative and I believe it is a matter of good debate and a needed topic… I don’t feel this way on every topic! It got slightly overboard between a couple of commenters, but it is a matter I feel people should be able to talk about regardless of how others feel whether it be moderators &, or certain individual players. Debating topics is a good thing!

Are you aware of this account trying to exploit your members…

I beat the last level of farholme and I didn’t get any of the loot for it. The only reason I played it was so I can get a Damascus blade to level up my sartana so that I have a complete rainbow team for my war defense.( P.S. before you ask, Yes I completed farholme completely I have not used the ascension items that I was supposed to get. It’s getting quite frustrating having to wait so long for 5*ascension items to drop but now I even beat the damn quest that gave them away and I goes shafted. I honestly don’t feel like waiting around for another 4 months for a quest to come up where it drops damascus blades

  1. can you screenshot your recent activity log from the time period
    Do it by going to Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity button -> Scroll to time period

  2. best to do is to #contact-support (information on how to do that is in the OP here). they can then look at your accounts’ game logs.

7/13 The game is still not fixed. Every time I sign on I get the following error message:

@Petri @KiraSG

These instructions for contacting support in game are inaccurate.

I can not figure out how to contact support at all in the current version (android) The options presented all appear to be FAQ, with no obvious way to actually submit a ticket.

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I have updated the instructions to reflect the new situation with the new in-game support system.


Please direct me to the menu option?

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This appears to be a work around…

Would be nice if the chat option was visible properly?

Still not seeing any reports of a “menu” option.

Edit: once the chat symbol appears after selecting “not helpful” it appears to remain visible on all pages thereafter.

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Hello there ! Please tell me , my access code has become invalid due to low activity . How can I restore my account ?

@Mira I pointed you to this thread because it has instructions for how to contact Support.

You can’t contact Support by posting here. You need to submit a ticket from the game.

Follow the instructions in the top post of this thread.

@Petri Hi. I’m sorry to bother you but would you be able to private message me regarding something that does not have a “issue” relation but could use your assistance on?

Much appreciated, no rush.

Bitte um hilfe das alte google konto funktioniert nicht mehr bei einen Spieler aus unserer Allianz nun hat die ein neues gemacht aber nun wegen spielstand ist ja mit dem alten konto synchronisiert bitte um rasche hilfe

If I don’t get a way easy to contact devs or get some resolve @moderators being I’m disability and not very process and reading able because of challenges. It’s gonna pose a huge problem for me!!! I am not PLEASED the latest update won’t allow my set defense team to function properly. The only update that is sending me through the ROOF stress wise!

Instructions for contacting support are in the OP of the thread you’ve replied to…

Pictorially if you’re that way inclined (credit @MuadDib)

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