How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

He can submit a request here:
Select “Other issue” from the first drop-down list and “My account has been suspended” from the second one.

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I am having trouble switching my account to another phone. Every time I put the code in it tells me that I have to update to new version but it’s up to date and keeps going back and fourth?! Help please!! I don’t wanna lose my stuff and start over!

after the update all of my farms decreased levels by 10. i was at 18 or 19 level for most of my farms and now im at 8 or 9 on all of them. thats a LOT of lost production, not to mention the cost of building all of them up. Help?


First off just wanna confirm that you’ve checked ALL your farms? There are 8 in total you can build…

Second, easiest thing to do (as this is a community forum) would be to use the instructions on the top post to create a support ticket which will go to SGG staff.

One of my food storage disappeared. It happened twice. First time it appears after 5 minutes later.
Second time disappeared 2 weeks ago and still didn’t appear.
Send you screenshot.

How to get support when the game doesn’t load is the issue.

How can you use the in game help button when the game doesn’t load

Can get in touch via the Support website

Thank you for your response, I have sent a request to help resolve my account that appears to be locked on my I phone the update messed up my iPhone as the app store account doesn’t show the game but is displayed on my screen and shows on my iPhone storage as version 28.0.0 which is the current one I believe.

Boas wanted to report an error … my yellow jackal 4 stars does not load with 4 tubes of small mana …

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It’s not clear how to open a new topic. I can’t find how to actually open a ticket. Please provide all steps.

Like literally steps it out on the link in the OP…

What’s the submit a new ticket link look like, I’ve clicked on everything

I clicked on new and it gives me open tickets

Following the instructions in the support article:

Ok, so I can’t open one through the forum, have to log into the website? I don’t have that link displayed in here.

You have to go in thru the game… Like the instructions say to.

I got to it, not intuitive for a slow minded individual like me. Thanks for the help.

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