How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

No I didn’t level up. I level up yesterday. After that I receive hero from gate and all was ok. Today I lost heroes twice without level up. They disappeared when new heroes comes.

In that case, please contact Game Support (they answer tickets in the order received; please don’t send multiple requests, this will slow down their response to you):

Is there anything you can do about the bug? The game says there’s an update, but there isn’t. So, it’s unplayable at the moment. We can’t use the in game support feature, if we can’t get into the game.

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I have been unable to update my app through the App Store. I can not, therefore use the in game support. Where do I go for assistance?

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@Winterfrost @Bilbaobobin A number of players have found a solution by scrolling to the top of the App Store updates and dragging down on the screen (you should see a spinning circle indicating it is pulling updates).

This worked me me yesterday. Let me know if it works for you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. Worked instantly

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I have had the app crash in the middle of a war fight and it did not count any hit or kills this hurts me team.

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In the alliance war, i fought and won (28+ 32 points). But i won 0 point. My attack + my 5 Heroes are Taken into accourt.

i recently have done 4 x 10 rolls of elemental trying to get a good purple attacker. i got nothing but healers and 3 stars. after spending 100 bucks i think i should have got either sattana or another 5 star. i have spent alot in this game and have been let down before but 100 bucks for a bunch of 3 stars on elemental? i wont be so quick to drop any cash again

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First of all, the 4* healers are great and Sabina has a higher attack stay than sartana
2nd if 5s were guaranteed, everyone would have them.
Consider yourself lucky, many do 10 pulls and get no 4 or 5

Im in mode espectator. Whats it? Im lider and i cant play de war?

It’s a bug, which should be fixed at this point. If you’re still affected, contact customer support from ingame.

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@secretsquirrel @Balse

Please note the following link to contact Game Support:

Everything bought here does not as for confirmation. Very weird. No need y print or pass.

Please fix this

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I did the new update. Changed hero’s for our Titan battle and my Thorne was no longer in my Hero’s when I went to switch them back. My Alliance leader said I should let you all know because he was one upgrade from being fully ascended. Is there anyway you all can look into my history and see I am being honest about this problem? Please help!!!

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