How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

Ok, so I can’t open one through the forum, have to log into the website? I don’t have that link displayed in here.

You have to go in thru the game… Like the instructions say to.

I got to it, not intuitive for a slow minded individual like me. Thanks for the help.

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All good; best of luck with the ticket :slight_smile:

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Can this please be reopened at some point? it was getting talkative and I believe it is a matter of good debate and a needed topic… I don’t feel this way on every topic! It got slightly overboard between a couple of commenters, but it is a matter I feel people should be able to talk about regardless of how others feel whether it be moderators &, or certain individual players. Debating topics is a good thing!

Are you aware of this account trying to exploit your members…

I beat the last level of farholme and I didn’t get any of the loot for it. The only reason I played it was so I can get a Damascus blade to level up my sartana so that I have a complete rainbow team for my war defense.( P.S. before you ask, Yes I completed farholme completely I have not used the ascension items that I was supposed to get. It’s getting quite frustrating having to wait so long for 5*ascension items to drop but now I even beat the damn quest that gave them away and I goes shafted. I honestly don’t feel like waiting around for another 4 months for a quest to come up where it drops damascus blades

  1. can you screenshot your recent activity log from the time period
    Do it by going to Menu -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity button -> Scroll to time period

  2. best to do is to #contact-support (information on how to do that is in the OP here). they can then look at your accounts’ game logs.

7/13 The game is still not fixed. Every time I sign on I get the following error message:

@Petri @KiraSG

These instructions for contacting support in game are inaccurate.

I can not figure out how to contact support at all in the current version (android) The options presented all appear to be FAQ, with no obvious way to actually submit a ticket.

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I have updated the instructions to reflect the new situation with the new in-game support system.


Please direct me to the menu option?

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This appears to be a work around…

Would be nice if the chat option was visible properly?

Still not seeing any reports of a “menu” option.

Edit: once the chat symbol appears after selecting “not helpful” it appears to remain visible on all pages thereafter.

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Hello there ! Please tell me , my access code has become invalid due to low activity . How can I restore my account ?

@Mira I pointed you to this thread because it has instructions for how to contact Support.

You can’t contact Support by posting here. You need to submit a ticket from the game.

Follow the instructions in the top post of this thread.

@Petri Hi. I’m sorry to bother you but would you be able to private message me regarding something that does not have a “issue” relation but could use your assistance on?

Much appreciated, no rush.

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