How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

That truly is a **** support system then. Anyone should be able to contact support, regardless of suspension or not.

Folks who get suspended usually have egregiously violated the rules. I’m not sure about the others, but you have to seriously try with me before you are bounced.

(Are you saying if someone gets a flat tire from an illegal high speed pursuit, the police owe him a free tire after they ticket him?) :thinking: Forgive my bad analogy, but…?

A me non va visione mistica

Good day,

I can only guess about the workload of support team.

But regarding to my previous topic No answer from support team for 5 days
there is no any answer from support team for 7 days =(

Dear @Petri please help to finish case #125953
“Account miss aftre re-link”
All needed info is provided.

Thanks in advance.

How do I get my account identifier so I can submit a request for the game crashing before loading in everytime when I cant open the game due to i crashing before I get in?

Es un error claro…es un fallo

same here grizz. 4 10pulls = 0 5star, 0 4star, &u guessed it 40 3star. multiple sets of garbage heroes. not spending more for less again

Hi. Excuse me please that I write this message, but I though there was a serious bug that has strongly affected my mood and desire to play this game… The mistake happened because of my fault, I understand that you can not help, but I beg you to respond to my problem!!! I purely accidentally due to the fact that I did not sleep a day at work and lost care, pumped hero, a hero with five stars. Accordingly, I do not care lost a character with 5 stars… Very unpleasant and hurtful situation! I try to financially support your development of the game, comply with all the rules and do not violate them… If possible, please return me this character, that I could continue the game and could just enjoy and enjoy this version of the game!!! Very insulting and not a pleasant situation, please go to my meeting!!! Thanks for earlier!! Nickname in the game Osariys. Character which I by mistake lost the Kadilene. Help please!

@Kerridoc I know you made a #rc830 hashtag that goes to a thread. I wondered if you could make something like a #contact-support that goes to this thread to make it easier to link when replying to bug reports. Just a thought, thanks!


Done. #contact-support is now live.


Oh that’s awesome…

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Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s working. #contact-support doesn’t seem to show the actual Contact Support post when I click through from another post. But it does work from here. :confused:

EDIT: ok, even weirder. Now it seems to work again from both places. Before it was only showing @KLinMayhem’s post from above. Maybe it has something to do with the tracking of what you’ve read in a thread. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Thank you . I am new to gaming so I wasn’t sure how to get this to the right place.

How can I communicate with a member of the technical support for the game

You can contact support here:

In game options->support->support. They don’t have any realtime method I’m aware of. The Bugs and Issues Category will sometimes see a response, but for just as often you will be pointed to the in game support anyway.

I need to report a bug about Mitsuko , her ice reflect mana perk is not reflecting the damage back it has happened several times on me this evening during pvp battles against a variety of blue heroes . I have put up the reflect shield then got hit by blue next move and it took my health away and theres was not affected and this has happenes in alot of matches which has cost me the battle which takes hero kills away to fill my hero challenge and wastea my attacks which i have had to use gems at least 3 times to buy raid energy . Could you please work on this issue or give me my gems back please … Thanks

First at the war preperation i can only choose 3* heroa second after that can’t log In my war defennce looks like 3heros but usually i have 5heros why is that?

Mitsuko doesn’t reflect all blue damage. She only reflects damage and status affects from blue specials. So if you’re getting hit by the normal slash attack that defenders make, this is the expected behavior.

Also, enemies with the Pierce class skill have a chance to bypass Mitsuko’s shield even on specials.

If you’ve activated Mitsuko’s special, you’ve been damaged by the special of a blue foe, and you’re 100% certain that no Pierce or dispel occurred, then you should create a new thread in #bugs-issues to report this problem.

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Thanks for responding , yes i am aware of how mitsuko mana works and the issue was when the blue heroes used there mana attack on my team within the 4 turns and everytime this happened every hero still had reflect symbol on there card.

For the pierce , i also paid attention to those heroes which the pierce symbol never popped up when it shows you its activated , some heroes were ones that had that ability but it didnt activate the times the shield failed and it also failed on blue heroes that dont even have pierce ability .

But again thank you and thanks for the correct link , i am new to the thread and still learning how it all works .