How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

How do u add a new global chatroom? I noticed there is quite alot of pinoys in english chatroom and they r quite chatty. But they say they dont have their own global room. Y is that?

Have no idea how to post new bug. There is no such button. At least I can not find. Instructions are not clear at all. That is just excuse.

Real problem. I extended my subscription and expected that time will expand but it did not. Time started to count from beginning and in such way I lost 5 days of subscription. Fix this or this my last transaction to you.

@Ravana: Please report to Game Support. See link below.

@zeera: Only Small Giant Games (SG) can add new language chatrooms.

@Builderbooo: Please contact Game Support regarding this issue:

I have to apologise I made mistake myself. Please close the case.


After latest update i can’t sign in on game, server problem, will you fix it? This is many players problem new

Please click this link to the FAQ about contacting Game Support. At the bottom of the article is a blue link (“Submit a Request”) to click to start the process.

You do not need to go inside the game to access help this way. :wink:

Tried to access the forums through the game including filling out a ticket. And it crashed 5 times total. I don’t even know if the ticket was submitted. Will try to access tomorrow. I reinstalled the game and restarted the phone. To no avail. Hopefully I am the only one with the issue. Thank you.

Still waiting for my account to be released from suspension. So quick to take payment for gems. So slow to fix issues. After 2000 dollars would of thought it would be better.

As I seem to be unable to start a new thread I’ll post this here. Sorry for threadjacking.

Bug error, as in there is an error with this bug.

Scorpions are arachnids and have eight legs not six (plus the pedipalps/claws)

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Доброго времени суток. Как связаться с поддержкой в игре по следующему вопросу: мой телефон, на котором было установлено приложение Empires & Puzzles сбосил свои настройки на заводские и игра была удалена. В Google Play Game я к сожалению не аторизировался, к фейсбуку подключал но у приложения тоже стоит запрет на авторизацию сторонних приложений. Как восстановить доступ к аккаунту, ведь там было совершено немало платежей и прокачаны герои?

I’ve won several raids now which have come back as defeats. This is becoming a great annoyance to me.

Nie dostalam nagrody za ukonczenie poziomu legendarnego poniewaz czas wydarzenia sie skonczyl. Mimo to gra zabrala mi 75 klejnotow za kontynuacje. Dlaczego??

Здраствуйте у моего мужа проблема с акаунтом,помогите решить пожалуйста.

Привет,у моего мужа проблемы с игрой.помогите решить

Hello, how can i contact with support team if I can’t log in to the game due suspention of my game account and suspent my google account on the zendesk support portal? There are no any way to do that?
Thx in advance

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The link given in the very first post allows you to contact Support without being in game. Bans are not discussed on the Forum.

Hello, I can not log in to the account, I can not create a theme where I want to. The game is not correctly displayed

Hello, dear moderaror Rock.

  • I have read the first article. But could you please look at the picture .

  • have loocked every where, that’s why I have posted the message on the forum.