How to calculate the defense

How to calculate the defense of a hero, is the sum of defense + health? Example BT Df 591 and Health 919 follows with troops + 18% Defense and + 5% Health. Could someone explain to me how to understand the calculation for Defense. Thank you

Defence and Health are two different stats.

Basically its like this.

  • Defence determins how much damage a hero takes from attacks
  • Health determins how much damage a hero can take before dying.

Using troops you take the base stat and mosify it with the troop stat.
591 hero base defence * 1.18 troop defence modifier = 697 defence

Was that the answer to your question?
I’m less certain I understand what you it is you want to know the more I read the question haha!

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And here’s a good thread on an estimation on how the attack and defense values work together. Damage Calculation

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I understood perfect the Defense but in question the Health ?? Can not calculate the total value of Defense + health?

Health is health.
Defence is defence.
They are two different stats.

Health is calculated in the same way as defence.
Hero base health * Troop modifier = total health.
919*1.05 = 965

If you play any level with that hero/troop and press+hold on the hero you’ll see the hero stats when in battle.

Combining the two would become some sort of “tanky-ness” or “survivability” stat, and its not reflected on the hero card.

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I put BT in the tank and I suffer several attacks and I do not win one, I kick a very crazy kkkkk account and it seems to work, I put Sabina in Tank DF 679 + 1099 = 1778 against BT DF 697 + 964 Health = 1661. Summarize when BT in the tanky I suffer many invasions, after I put Sabina improved and much, I know she is considered C in the tanky. That’s why I was curious!

This account I invented I know is wrong kkkkk

Oh, now I get it. You’re referring to the Anchor Hero Gradings.

Better let @Anchor or @Xero786 answer that one.

Thank you very much, my friend, for the attention and I’m sorry my English is not native

Your english is perfectly fine, its better than my portugese haha!

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No idea; could be just random bad luck on who gets to raid you overnight…

What I do know is that when I’m raiding, I LOVE to see Sabina or Rigard as a tank, cuz I know it will be an easy kill! BT isn’t too hard, but isn’t nearly as easy a kill!

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@Fledoble can you explain to me,im portuguese and have line, im portuguese its easyer to me understand,
Im xenus 999 in line and i have whatsup too.can you send me a invite, for we both talk ?

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