How To Build for Success

I need advice for those who are farther ahead and tend to reflect on what worked and didn’t work for them.

I just got to SH11. I’m so excited because I can get my TCs level 10 and 11 (So I can hopefully get more 3* heroes)
On top of hat, I have 5 farms (lvl 9/9/9/9/10), 2 food storage (lvl 9), 3 mine storage (lvl 9)/mines(lvl 10/10/9), 2 houses (lvl8), 1 forge (lvl 9) and 1 barrack (lvl. 1).

That’s a lot of building there, so I am planning on staying here and getting my farms, mines, storage units, and tcs to lvl 11 and prepare for SH20. My larger problem is that I have 7 spare units to build upon. I know I need another farm storage unit because I usually am running out of food. But what about the other 6 buildings.

Side note: I’m at level 18 and was holding out until SH11 to build more mines, but am unable to due to game’s regulations and am now at a bit of a loss.

What advice would you give to someone in my shoes to prep now before getting to SH15 which is the last pit stop before SH20?

There isn’t actually any choice :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone has the same number of the same buildings available, so just build everything :+1:


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