How to break through the top 100 alliance

why is my post flagged by the community ??? Is not it common knowledge for an alliance to attack Titan as I have written. Or SG must make changes to the way the titan score is calculated correctly, so that it is fair for all other alliances, especially alliances that attack Titan with only 30 (normal) members. That is the essence of the posts I have ever made, thank you for all your attention and thank you also SG


Actually my post was not about advice on how to cheat on titan. It’s a hint that SG should take a closer look on that matter. It’s about fairness to the common 30 member alliance who hit titan the usual hard way. Fight your way to the top 100 global. Don’t take the shortcut. Thanks SG

I tried your advice. Work like magic. Took down 14* with no problem. Thx

What are we talking about?

We take down 14s everyday with 30 people no problem

If it takes more than that, you’re just punchin above your weight and due to titan decay it will be a lot of work to get into the top 100 that way and then stay there.

Pretty much all of the top 100 strings 14s with ease as far as i know


Kekey told us how to get to Top 100 alliance with ease. Just recruit 29 member, leave one spot for clone. Each member then build 2 or 3 clone to get in or out to hit the titan.

Titan score will always get high. And 29 member will always get loot. For the clone, it’s okay if the account is not develop, cause that is the nature of clone account.

Why not just merc it out?

Alliance recruitment in game chat and line groups have mercs looking for titans to hit pretty much 24/7

Would probably save you a lot of work


merc will depend in other people. With clone, we are independent. Don’t need to ask other

Ok well whatever floats your boat

I don’t see the point in it personally

Goal as a team should be taking down biggest titans you can. If this is your way of achieving that then go for it

Yes I know. But this is a loophole in SG alliance scoring, especially in Titan score. With high ranking we will get known, and maybe who know attract strong account

You wont get anyone with game knowledge

If they hop in without looking at war score or cups, they won’t be there long

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Yeah we know the risk. But for now this strategy work. Least each 29 member will get high titan loot tier every day.

And your saying top 100 alliance took 14* with ease with 30 member is wrong. Cause we are already in top 100 doing this strategy. Sometimes we get to top 50.

We’re #40 so figured everyone behind and ahead is chaining 14s as we are

They’re not significantly harder than 12s, just more health

Have you figured out what time your titan decay triggers and when you guys can get multiple kills in a day to really boost score?

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I don’t know my titan decay time. But right now my titan score is 110k. Our ranking now is in top 100, cause we let one spot open for clone. See even we are at top 100 our titan score is near those in Top 20 alliance.
Cause trophy score ussually around 76k-78k. Titan score is the easy way to get high ranking.
When the titan dead. Just fill the 30th place with highest clone.
Boom you get top 50

So basically you’re saying for a more accurate ranking system that more weight should be put towards war scores in the alliance score formula?

Maybe. Or you give penalty in titan score if the alliance is kiling it with more than X account

@Petri @mhalttu

Any thoughts on the stuff above?

Personally i dont care if people want to put that much work into achieving some kind of recognition on a leaderboard

But i do and have for a long time think more weight of alliance score should be put towards war score which is more accurate of an alliance’s strength and performance than titans that can just be merced out and cups that can just be bought


The easiest would probably be to just not only freeze the titan chest of a newcomer but prevent that person from hitting the titan for a 23-hour period.

I don’t see a problem with this. It’s a hunt, use all available weapons. Wits can be a strong weapon, and this is a smart thing to do. Don’t only consider 14* titans. Think of all the little alliances that are struggling with 8, 9, 10* titans. They could benefit a lot from this, without any intention of breaching top 100.


That is ridiculous. You can break through TOP 100 alliance without forcing your members to develop (money money) clones only to hit the titan. Even with money it takes months to build an account strong enough to hit 14* titans, or even 8 - 10* titans.

I have two accos. I enjoy playing with both. I would never join in an alliance that forces me to “clone” accounts ie paying big money to create an account(s) I’m not able to do more than hit titans.

Who said it lasted only briefly in the top 100, there are some alliances that lasted long enough in the top 100 in the way I once said, even they look like 29 permanent members, but their alliance survived in the top 100 with 29 members only, great isn’t it

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