How to block players from joining alliance?

Hi all, I’m really sorry if this has been asked before. I have looked through the forum and can’t find an exact answer to my question.

We have a troll who keeps joining/rejoining our alliance, leaving offensive messages and leaving in the middle of wars. I can block him in chat, but how do I block him from joining the alliance once he/she is kicked?

Again, my apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

Simply make the alliance invitation only and don’t accept him when he applies to join.


Thank you Grahm, I’ll do that. I was just wondering if there was a way to block players permanently but it doesn’t appear to be an option. Thanks for your reply!

I actually think, that leader should be allowed to block someone way, that they can’t go back. Yes, you can put your alliance invitation only, but if you want to keep alliance open and then you shouldn’t have to chance that because of some troll.


You can:

  • Make your alliance Invite Only
  • Raise Cups to an impossible number
  • Report your troll (unblock to be able to see again)

If he/she is being too much of a pest, you may consider reporting them to SG directly here:

(Scroll to bottom and click “Submit a Request”)

Alternatively, you might consider changing your alliance name, though they may still be able to track you, if they have you blocked (your name will appear on their block list.


They can change name of their account. That would be hard to know if they ask join.

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Thanks for the comprehensive reply Rook. My leader has already reported this player and I’ll do the same. We’re a small alliance at the moment and this person is disrupting our attempts to teach/advise younger players.

Thanks again!


If you can’t actually block a player why is there a setting in our top right corner displaying a popup box of blocked players that you can’t block.

Meaning this box is both empty and usless

You mean the setting in chat? That is players you have blocked in the chat.


You can block players. They are listed in your blocked box.

I think the question is if you can how is it done.

That option is to block their chats so you don’t see their chat messages, it’s not to block them from joining the alliance.

By the same token, if you block their chat messages, can you even see their join request?

Apparently it is an open alliance so there wouldn’t be a request. But I’m guessing if it is an invite only alliance then they will not see the join request.

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If the question is “How do i Block someone?”

  • Find the player in chat, in-game.
  • Click the player.
  • Select [Block].

I used an anonymous player for an example:

I would recommend blocking the player. And reporting is ok. He needs either an alternate account or to switch account id (that only SG can possibly do) to overcome that. And alliance to invite only mode.

Oh ok, thank you Rook

@Rook, as you answered my question earlier in the thread, feel free to close it now if you feel it appropriate.

“As you wish.” :slight_smile:

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