How to best use Miki's ability

I find it not easy to use his special

Sure you are wiser then me…

Any help?

Do you mean in PvP? His special is not particularly useful there:


1st case: titans
in this case you wouldn’t have problems as your target’s HP will only be lower than your heroes’ HP in the last attacks. Fire and forget special: once the silence is done you can refresh it at ease.

2nd case: low health foes
you should be wary of your target’s HP and keep in mind when to use damaging specials and when to damage your targets with tiles. Keep in mind that Miki will silence up to 3 targets, making them unable to cast specials and letting you hitting them with tiles before finishing the job with specials.



I have him… so I have to make it work… otherwise it is stupid…

Can’t do farming can’t defend just titan?.. I have Wu…

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Also I don’t understand. I seems Hansel ability is allot better then silence

Drop Mana and create damage. Here you just delay something

He is a titan specialist. He is very powerful for doing damage to titans. He is very hard to use effectively in PvP.

Yes. Hansel’s ability is much more effective because it actually removes mana when the target’s mana bar fills up.


Yea but u are silencing 3 enemies while u can simply fire dud gems at them where as hanzel only effects the one enemy (although hanzel is awesome none the less)

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So why he is so good on titan!? Why not Hansel?

Or it is Wu plus Hansel equal Micky?

Hansel is ''better, as he is fast and he decrease the target’s mana when it would reach 100%.
Miki silences up to 3 targets for 4 turns.

As for effects are concerned Miki’s silence is a lot better, as for effect’s availability are concerned fast specials are a more easier to have ready than slower ones.

But we say that jhe is the Titan guy…

And not be used elsewhere… ocnlfused.

Also i wonder if proteus is better than him in pvp

You need to be color stacking on titans. If you bring several heroes of the same color, then when Miki’s damage boost is up, the tiles will each hit very, very hard. In Beta, tiles on a full color stack were doing over 5000 damage each.


Didn’t understand the second paragraph


More then Wu?

Then should work on stack of mono on pvp

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Totally disagree. Emptying mana is far more useful than holding off a special in 90% of fights.

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Example: if you need to shot something your bullets have to be in your weapon, not in your pocket.

Hansel’s silence would be ready to fire when you would need it most of the times where a slow special couldn’t be ready at all.

3 targets is the key. What use could have a possible mana drain if said effects get cleansed?

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No, because his effects only work when your enemy has more health than you. That is almost always true on titans. It is very inconsistent whether this is true in PvP.

Also, you can use mana pots on titans to get Miki full early. In PvP it will take a bunch of tile matches.

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Lock the cleanser if you’re worried about that :slight_smile:

Ultimately, cleanses are pretty rare.

I would agree he is built for titans but certainly not “bad” in other departments. I versed a maxed with emblems on defence and Miki performed well, also would be good in tournements where Mana is set to very fast.

And then another effect could blast your team.
If only one target would need said effect Hansel would have the better effect, no doubt about that.

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