How to beat the knights of the Avalon challenge?

Is there an old thread on battling the legendary section of nights of Avalon challenge. I think I can do it as I have beaten A couple of the other challenges. But I just had one heckuva time with Morgan Le Fey as the tank and that was only in stage four. Thanks in advance for any help.

Much like the other challenges, bring attack items. Make sure your specials are fully charged heading into boss battles.

Then, tailor your team to double or triple stack the boss you want to kill (2 or 3 red v Morgan). A strategy I have often used on the 10th level is to kill Morgan & Arthur before Guinevere. But that’s just so I could ghost tiles. Then again if you have proteus, Merlin & Tiburtus, by all means hit her first :smiley:

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Thanks DJ I would really like to get the tier completion rewards you rock girl!

Here’s such a thread, which also has a video of how I did it last time with 4* heroes:


Thank you very very much 20 characters !

Carpet bombing works. It’s rather expensive in terms of items but the rewards for completing Legendary are worthwhile. Just go in to the boss wave with fully charged mana. Buff your team and debuff the enemy then unload all your battle items and mop up with the remainder of your SS if there’s still anyone standing. I got by with only 4* maxed classic heros.

Video starts right before the boss wave.

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Yeah I’ve got lots of fire bombs and axes and a few dragon attacks I’ll watch your video a little later so I really appreciate your help thanks a lot Madmarv. And as hard as rare ascension mats are to come by I believe it is worth throw some ammo at them

Wanted to thank everybody for your help. Legendary is done

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who did u use for legendary?

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Items+def down+hit 3. Tib/gormek is ideal.

sharing my setup here, hope others can share also. have cleared rare & epic, legendary just clear stage 2 pending energy recovery so not sure if my legendary setup will survive, any tips? help help

You should have no problem with legendary. :smile:

Hel and time stops made it significantly less challenging. Bosses aren’t so scary when they can’t fire their specials

hooray, just cleared legendary w my earlier posted hero setup. protus is life saver. dun bring merlin as he can only target 1 fella. hardly used my stuff till last stage where i expanded my healing potions, couple small mana bombs & 2 or 3 tornados.

I use this team on legendary, have some luck on tiles and my score is 100k points.

My team for the final stage of a Legendary event:

No expensive battle items used. It is definitely not for being in to 100, but works for completing the event.

Wow…nice troops. I still dont have a purple 4* troop after about 9 month. :smile:

Unfortunately I miss Rigard and Quintus is at 1/20.

This is the only piece of luck for me in this game. I got a rainbow 4* troops and even more just from Epic Troop Tokens. However, this is compensated by a lack of 5* heroes and complete absence of HOTMs. :wink:

Hey you have Quintus. :wink:

Until 3 weeks ago I had no 5*. Then Mok-Arr decided to show. This gave me the feeling that RNG takes an ironic stance towards me.

A week later Quintus shows up which somehow reinforces this feeling towards RNG. :smile:

Somwhere in the far future ( if I play that long and Rigard shows up ) I see a killer monochrome purple team in my rooster.

HOTMs whats that ? :wink:

A Hero of the Month. Currently it is Evelyn.