How to beat Starfall level 10 on rare difficulty

I’ve been tinkering with different combinations of heroes and items, and I still get my butt kicked on final level. What has worked for others?

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fwiw, i used Grevle - Berden - cIsshtak - Mnesseus - Belith.

Attack up, defense down, overheal, extra heal, 3 hitters. only for 5 turns when you are red will you be weak against the blue boss, the rest of the time you’re doing decent tile damage to all. used this team to finish 9 and 10 relatively quickly.

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What heroes do you have?


depends on your heroes mostly. I’ve did every rare stage using Nordri 3x, C. Gunnar and Gato.

Gunnar and one Nordri at +19, others 0 emblems and had no problems.

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Thanks! Fully leveled, I only have season 1 and a few Atlantis. I just finished with Belith, Berden, Gato, Hawkmoon, and Namahage. I just got Grevle and I’m going to feed the heck out of him, though! I can see how he’d be dead useful here.


Use 3-2 combination of Green, Blue or Red… No purple or yellow… One defence down and one defence up hero… Take axe and arrows as battle items, plus antidote and mana potion…
Enter 3d wave with all heroes charged and few tile diamonds on board…


My team used was grevle, Nashgar, Byulf, Ishtak, C-Brienne.

Focused on killing theobald first to get rid of the green reflect then could work away.

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I had no problems, with a normal board (not bad, not good) using grevle+18/c Brienne+20/bauchan+18/namahage+7/c azar+7

Practice a bit in the easier levels with how the colours rotate, and which tiles to keep for the next round. Going mono is a bit riskier, but with the rotation, easier to charge your heroes. Good luck!

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I used bombs, dragon attacks and axes to full effect. They were almost gone at that point, careful not to do too much damage after that, not to load their mana. Then I messed around with the time stops. Only needed one though.

Had maxed Evelyn, Jean-francois, Rigard, Bertila and Domita.

Underestimated it the first time too the 2.5 k healing was OP

The OP is asking about rare - no bombs, dragon attacks or time stops possible!

Glad you managed to finish it, well done! :clinking_glasses: So nice to see another newer player too.

These bosses are incredibly difficult compared to other events. Congrats on getting Grevle, he was a game changer for me! :partying_face:

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my bad !

In that case I used Hawkmoon(max), Bane(max), Gato, Renfeld and Ulmer together with potions, arrows and axes, focus on the healer.

Took me two tries but got it.

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Very easy to do it.

Grevle - Costume Gunar / defence down - 3 blue heroes.

ideally Charge heroes up with tiles play in 3 moves & hold the green tiles for when the colours change. Clear 1st level & use battle items for 2nd stage = arrow & axes.

Then mini Manas & medium mana pods after firing initial charged heroes onto bosses.

You will clear it early easily… This is exactly what most players are doing… also, please check videos available online.

Good luck.

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lol … his Q is about rare !!

I use C Belith - C Brienne - Mnesseus - C Berden - Nodri

Take down 1st and 2nd wave in 5-7 with help axe attack and mana potion. After first elemental change, all green heroes will be blue, so they will get benefit from Nodri’s lower defense against blue. In boss wave, use C Brienne do some match to make boss get -65%def then use Nodri, Mnesseus and C Berden. -65%def from C Brienne and -54%def against blue from Nodri will make Mnesseus and C Berden deal very high damage.


Helo - Nordri+20 - Isshtak-C - Karil - Nashgar. Emblems only on Nordri. Beat it without troubles.

Chawkmoon Bauchan CAzar CAzar Rudolph.Arrows, axes, minor mana. Easy peasy. Just save tiles for the starfall. didn’t even charge mi heroes in wave 2. idk, i realize my mana cut is kinda special but I haven’t problems at all.
happy gaming

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Not everyone will have this team but this is basically as good as you can make right now for Rare runs I think. Chick Jr arguably can have a space in the place of Karil and C.Valen is a good sniper in place of Gato. But if going Chick Jr you have to have bodyguard Gato.

You don’t need high level troops. Just 5 of the villagers and you are set.


Used Grevle, Costumed Isshtak, Nordri, Gato and Sudri. All of them emblemed to +4.

EDIT: Filled my specials during first wave, used specials at the second wave, used arrows and axes at the bosses.

I used a rainbow team of poppy, valen, C.renfeld, belith and C.Hawkmoon.

Just made sure to avoid yellow reflect when using poppy’s special. With Renfeld I kept up his mana steal up regardless if he was yellow or purple.

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