How to be a good alliance leader

I need help
So I’ve been in my alliance for about a year and in that time I have somehow became alliance leader by virtue of consistent giving a damn about the game and the team and because the former alliance leader wasn’t wanting to be the bad guy so he stepped down after consistent threats to kick people out of the alliance if they continued to not use any of their war flags, he kept saying you do that again and I’ll kick you out and then they would do it again and nothing. And so the alliance leader stepped down and made me alliance leader and I kicked them out. So normally I would have just left the alliance a long time ago but the core people are people who I do enjoy playing the game with and talking to. I’ve been through some pretty dark times this last year and at times they were the only people I had in my life. So I give a damn about the core people in alliance but also want to turn the alliance around so we progress as a team forward. Looking on advice on how to do that.

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Wish you the best leading the alliance! Best advice I can give you is you have two choices, you are either playing to play with certain people or you are playing to play at a certain level. At some point your friends may not be able to play at the desired level and that is when the tough choice is. So make that decision for yourself so you are prepared when it happens, cause it will.

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Step 1: Choose an awesome forum name :white_check_mark:


If you are having trouble with war participation hear is an idea. Move all members to an Elder status( this makes it easier to track). “RULES of WAR” Must use all war energies, if not the player will be demoted for the first offense and removed from the Alliance on the 2nd. A player can regain their status by either using all energies in the next war OR sitting out the next war.

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See above linked thread please :slight_smile:

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