How To Avoid Unrevengeable Opponents With A New Build

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make sure google play is up to date

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Indeed. This is always sound advice.

I guess I just lost out my game updates by it’s self and did this morning so revenge is out of the books.

I would like to understand what are devs doing , i just got attacked by a player that wont allow me to make revenge because that player still didnt update the game, this is so wrong i mean if there is a update to make the players shouldnt manage to enter the game untill the update is made.

i also dont agree and i believe i am not the only player thinking the same, why where are new updates of building or another new stuff why does some countrys get the update long before another countrys like Europe.

I really dont understand that if a update of a game is being made it should be at the same time to the entire world because this game is the 1st i see that since the mobiles where made.

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About revenge, I don’t understand why it bothers you sincerely :thinking::thinking: you can just raid someone else in the mean time.

Also, no one gets any new feature faster then others, it takes about 2 days to completely roll out an update, and once everybody has access to it, only then they pop the new features on. So everyone will get the new buildings at exactly the same time

My fellow i can tell that the update comes out first in some countrys then the others i have friends in other countrys where the update comes 1st then Portugal that you can be sure of it

Please see the top post in this thread for how to avoid the issue.

I’m rather interested in the reason why I can’t revenge raids against people with another app version, while I can fight them in wars and maybe also in the tournament. What’s the technical reason?

Good question. I don’t think SG has ever said.

I have same issue. You aren’t alone

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