How To Avoid Unrevengeable Opponents With A New Build

The server doesn’t know you have a new build installed until you actually log into the game with the new build.

So if you install the build overnight, or while you’re logged off for a long period, people on the old version will still be able to attack you until you log back in.

But once you log in with the new version, the system will see that you have a new version and those raids will become unrevengeable.

So my recommended update process is this:

  1. Finish all revenges you want to finish before updating
  2. Log out
  3. Update to the new version
  4. Log back in so the system knows you updated
  5. Clear your watchtower of resources
  6. Log back out

If you don’t log in immediately after updating, you will likely have some raids happen that will be unrevengeable when you do finally log in


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What would be the steps so that I can maximize the number of raids where OTHERS will not be able to revenge me? :stuck_out_tongue:


Flask a LOT before you update and do all new raids. Then follow steps 2-6.

But you’ll want to bring a cold drink, because I hear it’s pretty toasty in hell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s gonna cut both ways. You get up over 2700 cups and log out of the game … well you’re gonna get hit a couple dozen times before you can log back into the updated game and get a pile of unusable revenges in your tower too that way.

You’ll run out of cold drinks in hell pretty quickly, @IvyTheTerrible


Sounds like a heapin’ helping of justice to me! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I just used Justice’s Rite of Judgement and I was deemed…worthy.

Prepare to moderate a host of threads where people complain about being raided and not being able to revenge!


Hopefully, having pinned this thread will help with that issue at least a little. Fingers crossed.

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What?! You want people to search for relevant threads before posting? In an alternate universe perhaps - you might need a sturdier drink :wink:


There’s a relevant Penny Arcade comic to this comment…but it’s not forum appropriate (as anyone who’s a fan of Penny Arcade would no doubt have guessed).


There. I fixed it for you.


I thought the original post was designed to prevent people from other versions from attacking you.

Since you have 6 raid energy you can prevent 6 people from revenging on you. The more people who follow your advice, the more of their victims, er, opponents, will start a new forum account to log in an complain. Which next time will lead to the complainers following your advice increasing the numbers raids that cannot be revenged by a factor of 6. So more will complain…

Hey. I bet you are getting kickbacks from Google’s OS division. Or is this an insidious plot to increase forum membership using a pyramid scheme.

It was in reply to this:

To the extent that people read this pinned thread and follow the protocol in the first post (and not the @IvyTheTerrible “how to be evil” version), there should be relatively few people with attacks that are unrevengeable.



Does Apple not allow you to pick whether to do an update right away or delay it? I certainly don’t have an iPhone (although my wife does), so I’ve never checked this.

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(V19 and Raids (Android) - Arived Feb8th)

The question would not be whether you could accelerate the download on Apple, but whether you could delay it.

We’re not talking about doing an APK download from a 3rd party site on Android (or, at least, I’m not talking about that). You can literally tell Google Play, for each app, whether it is allowed to auto-update or not.

So I just leave Empires and Puzzles set to “no,” and then manually update when the update is available AND I’m ready.


Okay, there seems to be two things going on here.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates, which are bad for Empires ( especially if you play on multiple devices ).

Which would make the title “How to Avoid Unrevengable Opponents Due to Automatic Updates”

Garawyn’s device is set to automatic update,
Google randomly picks Garawyn for the 5% roll out of v22,
Garawyn’s device is updated,
Garawyn logs on,
Garawyn’s server data is updated,
Garawyn cannot revenge the 95% of android users still on v21,
Any raids between when Garawyn logged on with v21 and v22 are not revengable.

Android roll out versus Apple full release

Android partial roll out to check for critical bugs ( Apple does not allow this ).

Which would make the title “How To Avoid Unrevengable Opponents With A New Build By Upgrading to v22 Before Everyone Else”


my iPhone is on v21.0.2,
Four Android users raid me,
They all download the APK for v22,
They all are on a different version,
Apple still has the v21.0.2 available for download,
I cannot revenge them,
There is a bug, and the roll out is halted,
I cannot revenge them,

A different six Android users raid me,
They all download the APK for v22.1
Apple still has the v21.0.2 available for download,
I cannot revenge any of the ten previous raids,

These ten raids have been popped off my raid log stack,
Apple finally approves v22.1,
The Devs activate Apple’s v22.1

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I mean the first, not the second–but actually many people manually update but still don’t log back in to alert the server that they’re on a new version. I’m hoping to help those people too.

I’m not a big fan on sideloading. It creates a large security hole.

after the last update of the game, half of the alliance cannot get into the game. When you enter the game, there is an update and sends it to the playmarket, but there are no updates. Get a vicious circle - you can not enter the game without updating, but there is no update

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At least half of my teammates skip revenge because revenge is not a great use of raid energy. In fact this is the first MMO I have played that has a revenge feature.

The original advice would also seem to help people playing on one apple device and one android device or who do not want to be part of the initial phased roll out checking for critical bugs.

It seems the title would reach more people:
“Update tips for avoiding new build headaches and reducing unrevengable raids”

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