How to attack Titans - (Topic Split)

Can you clarify what you mean by “Double or triple titan weak color and eliminate the strong”. Thank in advance

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I think he means that when fighting for example a red titan, you bring at least two blue heroes and leave green heroes out of your team.

Thanks, I’m still new to the game but I’ve noticed when I leave a hero out of a matchup (green for example) my board get a majority of green and no points are given for that color hit.

Thanks :slight_smile: and oopsie

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True, that can happen. But against a red titan the green blocks only do minor damage anyway. The blue blocks do extra damage, so if you have more blue heroes that damage increases even more.

Yes that is true, but when fighting any given color you get 2X points for tiles of the strong color and 0.5x points for tiles of the weak. The idea is to eliminate the weak one in favor of doubling the strong. That way you get essentialy 4x rather than 2.5x given an even color distribution. Of course sometimes the board screws you and its all tiles of the missing hero color.

That said, this is way off topic and there are plenty of other threads discussing how to max titan hits.

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Yes! This is very true. So if the Titan is red, blue does bonus damage.

Now here’s the interesting part that was the missing link for me:

You know that Attack stat each character has? That affects how much damage a tile does when you send a row to attack something.

If you have a green hero equipped with attack 300, a green tile is gonna do like, 20 damage against a 5* Titan.

Meanwhile a 300 power blue hero will cause a blue tile to do, let’s say 80 damage.

Now, go ahead and drop out the green hero. Now a green tile does 1 damage (-19)

Add in a second blue hero, let’s say this one only has 250 attack.

That 250 gets added to the 300!

So now your blue tiles will deal about 150 each (+70!)

So your net gain is around 51 damage PER TILE for these made up numbers.

This is dependent on having extra heroes who are at least comparable in attack to the heroes they’re replacing, I believe. But if you pay attention to your tile damage, you can quickly identify when you’re gaining damage.

As for “it seems like those tiles don’t show up…” that I believe is some level of confirmation bias or something :stuck_out_tongue: like you’re specifically looking for them, so you notice specifically when they aren’t able to be matched. My early advice is don’t hunt for them, play the board as normal (til the last 15 seconds at least lol), and let the law of averages and your overall better strategy win out.

(OP- sorry to derail your thread!)


I made a guide for Titan attacking :stuck_out_tongue:
Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)


Where? … I searched the other day and couldn’t find one beginner level thread that explains this. All the threads I found focused on what 4* heroes are best… most of us new players don’t have 4* stable to choose from :frowning:

One note here on strong/weak colors against Titans. If you have Wu’s special on and try to hit the Titan’s weak spot with a color you have there is the standard 33% miss opportunity on your tiles. However, the weak color you dropped to double up on the strong color will count as 100% hit of 3 tiles in the Titan’s weak spot thus stunning him.

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Too many variables to answer this simply. Each situation will differ depending on what other heroes are available and what special combinations you have.

For instance if your only Defense debuffer is Tiburtus, then ya I’d leave him in. His tile damage will suck, but his special will boost all the other heroes’ tile damage so its worth it.

Try this one. Lots of good stuff. I know I’ve seen a better organized set of instructions but haven’t found it yet.

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@Rook Maybe this should be a split topic?

So I run Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Tiburtus or Grimm, Caedman, and replace any weak color hero other than Wu. I can get 20k, sometimes a little more for an average run of 100k total. Some of my allies are regularly getting into the 200k range, without more flags for levelling up. How are they doing that (I know, why not ask them?) Better heroes? I use arrows, heal and mana - are they using time stop and tornado regularly? Do they know how to use Wu better than I do?

And while we’re on the topic, what’s the best way to use Wu?

So many possibilities here - higher levels, 5* heroes with better attack stats, better gem play, better Wu timing, even better luck :wink: .

Only hard and fast rule with Wu is to fire your defense debuffer before Wu so you don’t have a chance to miss with that special. Some people like to fire all specials before Wu, but Wu boosts special damage just like tile damage so on average you shoud see better numbers firing Wu first.

I don’t get this part, can you explain further?

I normally mana up wu 1st , fire him. And off I go. Normally get 25 to 30 k, once 50k which was a happy day ! But sounds like I could do better?

Assumption is that you have a defense debuffer on your team (for exampla grimm), you should fire him before the monkey so that the debuff does not miss as the debuff is so usefull for dealing damage.

Also with the monkey there’s lot’s on little nuances to deal with. I’d say you should not just pump him up at the start and fire, instead gather little mana “organically” and try to make a better board (save lots of strong color), then fire the monkey and try to get a nice combo.

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Got it - thanks! Didn’t realise the defense debuff could miss !
Will start experimenting more, problem with titan fights is they are over too quickly to be able to analyse :slight_smile:

keys to a big titan hit (besides items and boards) are:

  1. wu kong
  2. defense debuffer (generic like ramming pulverizer and color specific like jackel et al)
  3. attack buffer
  4. strong color heroes with big attack stats (specials don’t matter).

It’s important to have as many defense debuffers leveled as possible so you can always use a strong color debuffer, allowing you to bring more strong color heroes.

#4 means that Little John is significantly better vs blue titans than Caedmon, even though most people agree caed is the better all around hero. Same with Elena or Azlar vs Marjana, etc.

i.e. a team of BT Wu Grimm Sartana and sabina aren’t going to do as much damage to a yellow as BT Wu Tibertus sartana and sabina.

Also Pro Tip - don’t just blindly charge up your heroes with mana potions right at the beginning - look at the board, if there’s not good strong color tile damage, you’re just wasting mana and turns of specials. Let the board develop a bit, get a few stuns, charge heroes with gems, wait for strong color gems. Then charge up and go crazy.

Pro Tip #2 - you only need antidotes for damage over time and blind. All the attack and defense debuff titan specials can be overwritten with banners (turtle, dragon, bear).

Pro Tip #3 - any diamond is a priority to create, even if you don’t have that hero color. Reason being is this is what leads to crazy cascades and damage. Similarly, if you made a diamond and have the option for popping a diamond or making a 2nd diamond, unless the first diamond is your strong color, make the 2nd diamond then pop whichever looks like it has the best chance of organically popping the other diamond.


I would like to add something obvious but not mentioned here:

Wait for a good situation before you use Bear Banner / Dragon Banner. Ideally - just before you hit that diamond. That way you will maximize your dmg output!

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That is only if you do not have an attack buffer. If you have BT or kirill then you just overwrite their buffs if you use a banner.

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