How to access account on new phone/phone number and cannot recall email password

Our leader’s phone died, he got a new phone and phone number, but cannot remember the password to his email. We cannot seem to figure out how to get him logged in to his account. Are there any options or will he need to start over?

Some in this forum may be able to offer some suggestions. The best I can do is point you to where you can contact SGG directly. I feel this may need official support.

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Thank you. I’ll go ahead and submit on his behalf. Appreciate the advice.

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Would resetting the email password not be a better option though?

In your post, you do not specify if this was done.

Sorry for not clarifying that better. He isn’t able to verify that the email is his. It’s not accepting his answers for the security question, can’t get a code sent to phone because he no longer has the same number. He also didn’t set up a secondary email for a code to be sent to.

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