How strong must your team be in order to hold ground against a 8* titan?

I have currenly several 4* 3/60 heroes and get A and sometimes A+ position on a 5* titan. Will this be sufficient to take on a 8* titan ? Or are the heroes one-shotted on sight ?

My goal is more 3* mats with tierVIII loot. I have more chance for these mats.

They probably won’t get one-shotted, but it may be tough to do a lot of damage there.

It will partly depend on how your team synergizes, especially if you have good options to boost tile damage, and drop defense, particularly element-specific defense drops. Who do you usually bring against titans, say Purple and Green titans?

For a purple titan I have at the moment :slight_smile:

Malosi 2/60
Mist 3/11
Li Xui 1/30
Melia 3/50
Bane 3/50

And Leonidas 1/1 and Danzaburo 1/1

With the first 5 heroes I got A+ on a purple 5* titan. I’ll be happy to get C on 8* titan.

I’d wait a would be very expensive of mats if you want to survive. But if you merc, why don’t you visit some bigger ones and see how you go?

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I think C will be pretty easy to get, it’s only around 20K damage total. I specifically asked for Purple/Green to see if you had Wu or Ranvir or any elemental debuffers.

We’re hitting 7* titans mostly, and we have a couple folks with power around yours that can get C. However, you need to make sure you get into an alliance that kills those 8* titans. I am usually an A in my alliance. Sometimes I can snag an A+ if I’ve leveled, and/or if any of our big spenders have had bad boards or haven’t been able to use as many flags for some reason.

I do think 7* should be safe for you, I’m just unsure about 8*, since we kill them rarely.

LX will certainly get one shotted, Mist/Bane/Melia will probably survive one hit but not more than that (basing this off of my costume Brienne surviving one hit from 8* blue titans), and Malsoi will probably survive two hits.

Honestly I would not do an 8* titan with this team, the survivability is just not quite there yet.

I’m pretty sure that 8* heroes don’t oneshoot maxed 3* heroes when the titan’s attack is lowered (axe or bombs). Maybe even turtle banners do the job.

Btw @Blord Do you have any heroes that lower the enemies’ defence? Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Wilbur, Costumed Brienne, Ulmer, Valen, for instance? They are really worth it and you will need them for good damage scores on higher titans.

Attack raisers are great too if you have them in your strong colour. If not, bear banners will do the job as well.

I have some defense debuffers. Tiburtus is at 3/33 now but I thought he has the wrong color against a purple titan. I could use Valen. He is max at 3/50 now. Usually I go mono for maximum impact but defense down is also a good strategy. At the start I use arrow attack and turtle banner right away to lower the damage on my team. When a good board is forming, ie strong diamond,I raise the attack with a red banner.

I need to slow down the attack. Much things are happening in a short time. Usually I go madman forming matches on the board. Meanwhile my team is dying from poison or burn and I didn’t use the antidotes.

The bonus from lowering the titan’s defence is definitely worth including one off-colour hero. In particular, if it means that you can replace a very weak hero–like your Li Xiu at 1/30 who a) gets one-shooted and b) doesn’t contribute much damage anyway.

Antidotes are definitely a must-have against titans dealing substantial poison/fire damage or blind your team. Against blue titans, who lower your defence, bring turtle banners or dragon banners (no antidotes needed), against green ones bear or dragon banners.

As for Tiburtus vs. Valen: Now they are probably not much different in terms of stats, however, Valen is fast and reaches full mana more easily. Once your Tiburtus approaches 3/60, he will probably be the best choice for all titans except red ones until you have defence downers in other colours as well.

You mean purple titan ? I don’t understand what a purple Tiburtus has to do with a red titan.

Valen has to do with red titans. Valen is blue, so against red titans he will always be part of your team until you get better blue def debuffers (Grimm or Isarnia for instance). Even when Tiburtus is above 3/60.

For the other four colours, a strong Tiburtus is the better choice than Valen as long as you don’t have a red defence debuffer (Gormek, Wilbur,…) to use against green titans, a green one (Costumed Brienne, Buddy,…) against blue titans, or a yellow one (Costumed Vivica or that Wonderland rabbit) for purple titans.

In future you will, of course, get more and more defence lowerers and heroes with great effects useful for titan fights. So, your titan teams woll constantly improve and evolve.

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