How solid is Merlin as a mana blocker

I was lucky to finally get a mana controller with my Avalon coins. I know Proteus is king, but does Merlin compare? I’m getting close to Season 2 hard challenge and would like to know if he’s viable in battle. Any likes or dislikes are greatly appreciated!

I might be wrong, but I don’t think Merlin actually blocks mana at all. He won’t actually stop your opponents from charging (or using) their special skills. He’ll just punish them with extra damage when they do.

EDIT: actually I might be wrong… just read an old thread on Merlin’s Mindless Attack, apparently it uses the opponent’s mana when it casts, so it actually does take away mana from one opponent.

Still reading to see exactly how much damage MA deals…

EDIT 2: Mindless Attack is supposedly a 100% damage single strike, based on the stats of the attacker. So it would make sense that a high level opponent afflicted with Mindless Attack would attack with a high level attack (I guess relatively similar to having damage reflected by riposte?)

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That makes sense. He has the attacker use his attack on others. He’s not leveled up enough to use for me. Would Ursena attacking herself inflict a lot of damage?

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He causes the enemy to randomly attack another enemy or itself when their mana is charged. He doesn’t truly block mana, but the essence is the same when timed correctly. I like him for yellow titans in particular. His attack is lower than Pro and doesn’t do as much tile damage, but is still very effective. He’s squishy too, but not as much as Pro.


Won’t be as much damage as she does to you, but still a good amount. And of course there’d be no damage done to you. It’s a nice effect.

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No, Merlin Mindless Attack, do normal slash attack instead. But the point is opponent skill not used at all and mana drop to zero.

Proteus, Hel: Block Mana
Peters, Miki: Silence Skill
Hansel, Gretel: If mana is Full do -> Drop mana to 50% and also deal damage
Merlin: If mana Full -> do Slash attack to random allies (including him self) and mana to zero

So Proteus and Hel is great if opponent is not at full mana.
But the other are better if already full or almost full, so we can just use our tiles to make mana full faster before the skill is inactive/gone.

So that means, Merlin not block mana instead make full mana opponent/target useless.


I have Merlin maxed, got him from Avalon last May event…

Yes he is very viable he is part of my Purple Raid team, and was really useful on some stages in S2 Hard Mode… You just need to know when to trigger his special…

First he deals direct damage (270% actually) and if the opponent that was hit, fills his/her mana during next three turns after being hit, he/she loses mana and instead cast a hit to any of allies…

I used him paired with Sabina Tibs Seshat and Sartana as my raid team, once he has his mana full I just wait for the right moment to trigger his SS… It’s nice to see a healer just about to go off and instead of healing losing his/her mana and besides hits an ally (sometimes with a result of a killed opponent)… Proteus is different, he blocks 3 and has DoT instead… but both could be useful by their own…


Merlin is very useful as he disarms a full mana opponent. To be used the same way as Hansel/Gretel: aim at dangerous opponent getting close to charging and then dump tiles at them. Works very well together with Proteus for PvP, should you happen to pick him up. Proteus (or big sis Hel) is still king of the stages with three bosses, but Merlin is a nice complement (same way as Hansel).


Yes she would! Assuming that he will be alive enough to hit her​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Fantastic and helpful responses everyone, thank you!!

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Use Merlin on titans

In my experience of at least being on the business end of Merlin’s special, he does require a bit of timing to be effective. So if you got Proteus or Hel with you, shoot the special at an opposing hero that is about to charge but isn’t under the effects of the mana stop.

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My short answer, no not as good as Proteus, but emptying opponents mana is very handy. Squishy though. Solid pass mark as a hero


Merlin is not a mana blocker like Proteus, but in terms of stopping specials from being casted, their goals are similar enough :slight_smile: Proteus is better for blocking three targets from gaining mana, however it’s worth noting that the mana block is only that; it stops mana gain, but doesn’t stop specials if the target is fully charged and about to fire. Merlin does actually force the target to use a Mindless Attack.

Worth noting too, that Miki resists Merlin’s special attack with his innate resistance. But not Proteus. In comparison, Novembers HOTM Neith, will resist Proteus’ mana block. But not Merlin’s mindless attack :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the classics Li Xu and Chao: mana reduction +damage.


Great. Which do you prefer of Li Xu and Chao? I have both unleveled.

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I have both at 3.60, since I have no more yellow projects I plan to max both, first Chao and then Li Xiu, I would say Chao for offense and Li Xiu for defense… but I am not a big fan of them… just want to have a little more yellow depth for war purposes and have some spare orbs to use…

By the way also Little John could be considered in ‘mana control’, he delays mana gen by 64%, mine is still at 3.60 but he was useful to beat Dark Lord in S1 last stage and also to beat Avalon Epic & Legendary Last Stage 10 (before last update)…



I LOVE mana manipulators. I have Hel, proteus, gretal, hansel, li, chao all maxed…and Merlin will be after seshat is done.

Here is how I used them for playing the map (my raid usage of them is drastically different.

going into the boss stages have all your heroes charged.

Immediately Fire proteus(or Hel) to stop mana charging aty zero. Fire the rest of your specials, EXCEPT Chao or Li.

Use your next three turns to charge up your specials, with a focus on proteus/hel. IF the boss is going to fire, drop his mana with Li or Chao (or hansel/gretel).

Rinse and repeat.

Used solo, I dont like them either. But the ability to stop mana production and then drop the mana with li/Chao is an amazing 1 2 punch.


LOL, didnt even answer your question.

li xu is ok for defense or when you are facing multiple bosses (or in raids when you want to drop mana of a group) Chao is better for a single boss since he has a additional 5% mana drop over Li.

i would go Li since she has a wider utility.

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Merlin, Proteus, and Hansel will always be great 4 stars, ahead of the pack, because they can stymie the enemy and prevent them from casting a special for 2-5 rounds, in which time you can rain tiles and fill your own specials.

Mana control closes TP gaps, especially in war.

If I had to rank the mana-control 4-stars, it’d be based more on special speed than effect:

  1. Hansel because he’s fast
  2. Proteus because he hits 3 and prevents accumulation
  3. Merlin because he’s purple, and I often go up against yellow tanks in war
  4. Gretel because she’s still awesome, but average and yellow

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