How small of a Vocal minority are E&P Forum users

I was just curious about metrics, total users versus active users, etc., but per the forum user count there are nearly 61,000 E&P Forum users with reports of nearly 34 million downloads (cross platform/international).

So that would make the input of the forum users feedback of 0.0018%
Would that explain frustrations of Forum users feeling neglected on gaming quality of life matters (short Atlantis Rising event, alchemy lab being useless, etc.) because we are in fact just a vocal super minority?

(Couldn’t find comparable topic but feel free to merge mods if it is a repeat)

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I like to think of Forum members as “ones who stay”…those who want to connect with other players via the Forum.

I hope there are 30+ million players! :+1:. I’ve heard various other numbers over time (one article put it at 10 million daily logins), but the Forum members have a special place in my heart. :wink:


Most of those “34 million” downloads are probably people that tried the game and left quickly.

A better look at player state is all of the unfilled guilds struggling through 5/6/7* titans and getting any kind of meaningful participation in the failed Alliance War fiasco.


There are something like 1.5 million active players, which has been discussed before.

So 61,000 Forum users would be something like 4% of active players.

But I think it’s important to remember that a LOT of players read the Forum without creating an account or logging in, and many alliances have one or two players who read the Forum and share information with other people.

I also see a lot of people in the E&P Facebook and Line groups sharing screenshots of info from the Forum quite frequently.

So I think the overall readership is probably effectively much higher — but the participation of contributors who actually share information and discussion on the Forum is definitely a very small percentage of players.

…but it’s a higher percentage than the HOTM appearance rate, at least. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Purely speculation on my part here… but I’m pretty sure the majority of those who downloaded the game do not actually play it regularly.

Rough estimates on my part (just throwing out numbers based on guesswork, not based on any statistics): there are probably about 5 million people who play the game occasionally. Mostly casuals, many of whom either aren’t in alliances at all, or who are in very casual alliances where nobody cares. They might log in a few times a week just to kill time, and probably don’t worry about titans, wars, or how many cups they have. Most of them probably don’t spend any money.

Out of that 5 million, there are probably 1-2 million who play the game somewhat seriously. Some of them might spend money, but not a lot. Maybe they log in once or twice a day, hit titans, fill chests, participate in raid tournaments, etc.

Out of those 1-2 million, there are probably over 100,000 who play the game more aggressively. Ranging everywhere from F2P to whale status, but regardless of spending, they take the game seriously. Log in every day, hit every titan, 6 flags in every war, all challenge events, blah blah blah. Active in alliances, active in alliance chat or on Line or Discord or whatever, etc.

Whittle all that down to the very small group of people who are active on the forum (active meaning more than 1 or 2 posts every 6 months): I guess I’m in this group right now. “We” represent a very small (but very vocal) minority of players. I think most of the other active posters here are probably more serious players than I am? (top tiers, experienced, competitive, have a hundred maxed 5* heroes and are regularly killing 100* titans, etc. :laughing:) I like to think that I represent a different, even smaller minority of players, in that I am serious but not serious, spend money on the game but not very much, active but not super active.

But yeah. Overall you should probably take a lot of our comments here with a grain of salt, because I don’t think any one of the regular posters here actually represent the true average thoughts and opinions of the majority of players. Many of the regulars here can give you great tips and stuff, or you can read my posts and learn absolutely nothing (but hopefully get a bit of entertainment?), but I would not assume that any one of us here officially “speak” for the majority of players. I believe the majority of players would rather avoid posting here, aside from the occasional game-related question that they’re not able to find an answer to.

That is of course, though, just my opinion. Not based on any factual data whatsoever. :wink:

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You and I, @TGW, strive for so much more than ‘average’ thoughts :grin:


I strive for abnormal thoughts.

Hah, what am I saying? Abnormal thoughts come naturally to me. :laughing:


Our Alliance requires Line. I read the forums and link to important discussions, so at least everyone has a chance to read some of the more important stuff and decide what construction projects to focus on, when to expect events, etc.

I can’t say everyone takes advantage of that but our core does. And at least a few others read the forums too.


Well…it’s a higher percentage than @zephyr1 getting Bauchan this weekend.

@TGW unsubstantiated wild (or demure) speculations are encouraged in my threads/posts.


Regarding my alliance: my girlfriend occasionally reads posts on the forum if she’s looking up advice for one particular thing (like what are the best heroes to use to finish a certain quest, stuff like that). The rest of my alliance are filthy casuals who play the game as a time killer (because we introduced them to it and they find it more entertaining than the majority of hundreds of other mindless color-matching type games out there, not naming any silly particular very popular candy-themed games) :grin: Usually if they have a game-related question, they just ask me directly. If I don’t know the answer, I come here and find it for them. :wink:

Me personally, I mostly just post here to vent about something stupid, or for “poops and giggles”, as they say, while I’m waiting for my flags to recharge. :grin: No one should ever assume that I have the foggiest idea what I’m talking about, because most of the time I don’t (though on very rare occasion, I am actually correct).


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