How should i use 2 Grazul

Ok so i did my 10 roll on KoA and got extremely lucky. Pulled Lady of the Lake, Lancelot and bonus got Grazul. Rolled 1 more time 300gems just for the hell of it and got a 3 star and Grazul again. She looks like a tank. Should i try & lvl both? 1 tank and 1 in the corner

She’s a good tank for Buff Booster tournaments only IMO. Her ability is too passive for tanking otherwise. For general raid defense purposes, I think she’s better as a flank.

I’d level 2 of her but not for defense, for me the value in having dupes of her comes for war attacks. V. Fast healing is much better in offense.


Thnx for the feedback.

I think she could be a decent tank, but you will probably want fast attackers flanking her. If I get lucky enough to pull her, I would like to build some sort of defense involving her and Kadilen, see how that can work.

If I had 2 of her though… then I think the most interesting setup I would want to try is to go with a good blue tank, flanked on both sides by the Grazuls. You probably know this but for anyone who doesn’t, putting the red flanks behind a blue tank is effective because attackers will be inclined to stack green against the blue tank, and those greens are weak against both red flanks.

Congrats on that pull btw… I will be ecstatic to pull just one of her.

Well this is the team I’m working towards until I get a blue tank. I have 600 emblems for Onatel. I alsohave Kunchen maxed i could plug in somwhere.

Don’t leave lady in the corner. She gives nearby allies a mana draining minion

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