How should I spend my blue T4 Mats?

Hey everyone,

im new here in the forum, please excuse me if my question was already answered in any thread (also my english).
I need a little help from more experienced players in terms of who I’m going to spend my scopes into.
I thought the best idea was to just send you some screenshots of my blues.
My problem is that i am Free to Play and i barely get any t4 ascension mats (around 6 t4 mats of each color in 6 months i would guess). So i want to choose very wisely how i spend them.

  1. 3/70 Lord Loki - I really think hes very useful in wars and overall he is one of the few “rare” heroes i got

  2. Richard with Costume - I just got him yesterday and since i am missing a tank, he might be useful for my main team?

  3. Magni - I read everywhere that hes the best blue S1 5*, but i dont have his costume. Isnt Richard with Costume Bonus better?

My priority is my “main team” which i use for raids, events, campaign etc.

Could you help me to decide what choice would be the best and 2nd? Also regarding my current main team? Thank you very much for every help! :blush:


  1. What war tank you should use (color)??
  2. Will you summon more (for example, by finishing Valhalla)?
  1. Actually green, but the ones who dont have a good green can use different colors (i only have kadilen)
  2. i wanted to summon in may. until then i have saved up gems for a 30x (S4?) and finished valhalla hard for 15 pulls

I advice you to summon in costumes for Kadilen-C.

For ascension - Loki, then Richard.

Loki definitely out of those

Richard is not very inspiring, I have his costume but still cannot bring myself to give him scopes. Maybe when I get 12? I do regret ascending some underwhelming heroes (looking at you Thoth Amun) and I think Richard might be in that category

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Thank you both! I guess I will go for Lord Loki then and wait, maybe Ill get a better blue than CRichard. =)

C. Richard is good too, but Loki is just better.
C.Magni+C. Richard is devastating pair)

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what is the emblem situation?

I have enough free emblems to bring all three classes to +19

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though choice.

seems to me lord loki would have the most fun factor and fit your defense team better you should read whether People like him.

you have already two good snipers in your defense team. Magni certainly is a good one and should be leveled at some point later.

Richard would be ok if you want to use him as a tank otherwise i would hold out.

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thanks. maybe maybe i will exchange loki with isarnia then. because i need isarnia emblems for loki anyway. miki isnt the best on defense as well, not sure how im going to replace him… in everything else he is my most useful hero though lol