How should I spend my 4 trap tools?


I just got my 4th trap tool and now wondering to which purple hero should I give it.

My current purple hero list looks as follows:

Boomer - maxed
Kuchen - 2.60
Obakan - 2.32
Obakan - 1.1
Tiburtus - 3.41
Baltazar - maxed
Domitia - 1.41
Rigard - 2.7
Rigard - 1.1
Ciprian - 1.1
Sabina - 1.1

In my current main roster I am using
Guin - 3.70, Lianna - 3.70, Boomer, Sonia - 4.58, Colen - maxed with emblems interchanging with MAgni - 3.46. I like kunchen due to his ability to lower defense and at the same time healing, but this would make me remove guin from the main team and replace her probably with Justice (3.70). Tiburtus on the other hand also lowers the defense and for longer period, but doesn’t heal.

Thanks a lot!

My priority for trap tools are in this order, Proteus —> Rigard. But since you do not appear to have Proteus then Rigard should get them.


if you have rigard costume, then rigard costume.

If not, then kunchen or rigard.


I don’t have Kunchen but I would say Rigard, he has saved my bacon MANY times, in Raids, Wars and Events.


So maxed Rigard will be better than 3.70 Kunchen? Rigard has also average mana vs. Slow Kunchen, but does not debuff enemy’s defense. I dont know how long it will take for me to gather another set of traps for Kunchen.

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I would definitely do Rigard before Kunchen.

4* are cheaper to max & are overall more useful than a 5* hero (especially when capped at 3-70).

A 4* maxed hero can compete in 2 tiers of a challenge event AND can compete in both 5* and 4* tournaments… your mat-locked 5* hero cannot.

You can also emblem a maxed 4* hero while you can’t do anything more with a 3-70 hero.


Right now? i would say wait for the (very near future) costume event because if you score the Rigard costume that will be a prize that just keeps on giving. i cannot say this enough; that costume is awesome.

  1. Ricard
  2. Tiburtus

Definitely. I have 2 Maxed Rigard and 2 Max Rigard Costume…

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Another +1 for Rigard


I would say Rigard for the moment. Kunchen is a lot more powerful than Rigard, but currently you can MAX UP your rigard with 4 trap tools, while Kunchen has to wait another 4 trap tools (and 6 Royal Tabard).
So, in my opinion, currently it is better having a 4.70 Rigard instead of having a 3.70 Kunchen. However you surely will want, later, to max-up also kunchen when you have all the required Tabards and trap tools.

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In my honest opinion, I would give the trap tools to Rigard as a priority. Get him to max and give him some emblems ASAP. You will not be disappointed.
Then wait with fingers crossed for his costume.
Good luck

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Normally I’d say Kunchen, but with your Guin dilemma I’d say Rigard is your best option and hope for a costume in future. Costumed Rigard has an insane fan club among really top war teams.


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