How should I level these up


Tsco, take a breath before trying to use any advice given here. Assess where you are in the game. Where in the map can you farm knowing you will win every time. Are you raiding and winning? Are you in a proper alliance?

Much of the advice addresses only part of your play. But, the team you build must function at all levels of play while being flexible enough to change both as competition gets tougher and new heroes get added to your roster.

For now, concentrate on farming first as this is the basic building block for both team and base. If you can beat province/level 7-4, you can fill your monster chest quickly. After that comes a raid team that can win three out of four attacks.
This gives you hero chests. Next is a team that can get through the 4th stage of rare quests which gets a 4* ascension material. LAST, is the alliance.

Most will tell you to join a teaching alliance. My opinion is this forum has enough old posts that should be read which can teach much more; so, find an existing four member alliance in which all members are alive and talking. You will get tier III loot with only 3% of total titan points. This grows you without feeling you are holding others back.

Your current roster has Belith who is important as both a healer and a debuffer. Colen is a good tank possibility and feww raiders will has a dispeller at your level. Oberon is not a great hero, but farming needs a good AOE hitter for clearing mobs early. It looks like you are one of us who fed Bane, so Melia is your yellow. And, while he does suck for many, Greymane is your blue hero until you get something better.

And, push a watchtower for resource growth. Do not worry about being raided.

Forgot…do not feed Lianna. Wilbur is way above Gormeck, but not at this level.


Bud I really appreciate you helping !! I took you advice and changed my team up ! I leveled those hero’s up with matching colors , I kept all my 3* , do you see anything else I should do right away ? I’m gonna continues to read in the forums , I’m farming off of 8-7 constantly, and building anything I can !! I can’t think you all enough seriously , most places troll you for asking newb questions and no one here has , that’s awesome and I appreciate it ! I’m trying to learn this game as it has me hooked !!


You are welcome.

One thing you can do while farming is learn about buffs and stacking. Read about that and how ghosting tiles works in forum search.

Tap on both sides heroes for solid info you will need to use always.

Good luck.


Definitely gonna search for that because honestly I have no clue what your talking about !! Thanks again man


I’d do wilbur first and then colen. I probably wouldn’t level gormek since wilbur offers a bigger defensive debuff anyway!

Another vote for focusing on your fours first, with the exception being belith. Level her up for healing + dispel


Wilbur would get lost in 8-7


From a farming perspective?

He’s not gonna be too deadly for sure. But it’s farming. And he’ll keep a team alive…

No other red would be worth taking instead to 8-7…


I have no trouble at all in 8-7 … I run right through it … if anyone goes down it’s graymane, he’s weak for whatever reason


Wilbur is going to be better on titans - not only is his attack power higher, but his defense debuff is 44% vs 34% for gormek.


Not reading comments again.

You have at least a good 3-2 combo with you.



Great draws by the way. You are obviously a paying player to some extent, so no need to up Hu Tao and try to draw for better yellows. Up Bane for 3* if you ever get it. Melia is a very decent 3* yellow as well.


Ok I’m gonna drop a little bit of money on the game … how would you spend 40.00 or so at this level ? I was thinking but 10 epic hero summons?


You could also wait until Atlantis summon or the next event heroes.


Don’t make epic summons!! Those are the worst odds of the game. You could have rolled at Atlantis but it’s more expensive there. So you can try elemental summons choosing the color you need most or wait for event to try for better heroes. This month we should have 2 events, don’t rush it.


Ok great I’ll wait, I’ll farm and build til then !! Thanks


Atlantis summons first choice if you can draw 10.

Event summons for unique heroes. Halloween coming up I think or Grimm forest.

Also don’t buy first. Every month there is a unique offer for gems package. Wait for that as it comes with other goodies.


Not sure who to spend the time leveling up …



Belith as well since you have no healers


Assuming same color feeding.
Yellow: Bane, then Chao if no better yellow shows up by the time Bane is finished
Red: Wilbur, then Gormek if no Boldtusk or Scarlett shows up
Green: Belith to have a healer, Liana (Liana is better than Belith, but leveling a 5* is much longer than leveling a 3*, and a healer is useful.
Blue: Grimm, then Ulmer if no other blue shows up
Purple: Tiburtus, then Cyprian


Hansel before lianna. Hansel is a weapon and won’t take nearly as much to max.

Definitely level lianna. Just do hansel first

I tried for him and only got gretel. But there’s worse outcomes for sure!


Yes definitely Hansel first. I still use him in my offensive raid.