How should I level these up

I wanna apologize in advance if this doesn’t belong here , I’m new to the forum and the game … I’m wanting to maximize my leveling up and hope someone could help me! Below is the screenshots of my hero’s . How should I level them up to benefit the most ? Im not sure if I should level up my 1* with matching and the level up my Team with them or what?

Thank you in advance

Also My Stronghold is at level 8 and I am level 11

Short answer: level a team of 3* first - you aren’t going to have the ascension materials or the food for the 4* and 5* for a while yet. Don’t bother leveling 1* or 2* - they are the feeders used for leveling the 3*, 4* and 5*.


Definitely do NOT level your 1*s and then use them to level your other heroes. You will be wasting some of your hero power as you don’t get all of it back when feeding a fully/partially leveled hero to another. You also miss out on chances to level your heroes special skill.


Of that group, I would do Belith, Melia, Nashgar, Graymane and Tyrum first.


First, Belith debuffs, so you put Oberon in for Tyrum. Next, no matter how many posts will tell you a 3* team is necessary for events, Colen is hour red and your tank.

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At this stage in your game you need to work on all the colors, so I’d be “rainbow leveling.” Level up green heroes with green feeders (i.e. match colors - use your 1* or 2* greens to level up your Belith) and so on for the other colors. You do get a 20% experience bonus using like color feeders in that way, and there’s a better chance to increase your special skill as well.

Focus on a rainbow team to start with - one hero from each color. You’re leveling all over the place, and you need to focus down. My suggestion would be: Belith, Melia, Tyrum, Gormek, and Graymane.

I’m sure it’s tempting to level up Lianna, but trust me that it takes way too much food and feeders to level her up at the stage you’re in. The 4*s (gormek, Wilbur, Colen, HuTao) are also going to take a long time, but gormek is going to be a great help with his defense-lowering special skill, so spend the time now to invest in him. If you get Valen, Gato, Ulmer, or Gunnar, I’d stop working on Graymane and change to one of those.

I prefer the “one level at a time” style of feeding. It’s a compromise between the “feed one at a time” and “feed 10 at a time” schools of thought. Basically, use enough feeders (1* and 2*) to increase your heroes level by one, and then get as close as you can to the next level without going up a second level.

Good Luck!

p.s. Please please please don’t level up Oberon. He’s just awful. You can never have too many dispellers.


At this level, farming and raiding are the way to build. Farming is, also, the best way to learn what specials do and how to use them.

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You can level 4 star to 3 60 and they are stronger than max 3 star. I would definitely level Wilbur then Gormek. The rare event gives nearly nothing for completion rewards so it’s silly to level heroes for that reason.

Oh, and Greymane is trash I wouldn’t waste the food on him, Oberon either.

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So I should take the team you guys recommended and feed all my 1.2.* by color to level up? For example take all my green 1 and 2* and feed them to lianna and so on ? Your guys knowledge is amazing and I enjoy reading and learning , as soon as I figure all this out I’m gonna drop a couple 100.00 on it but wanted to spend my money wisely !! My alliance is AmiriKing , I only have 9 members

People saying level 3* first may not be true for all or best idea tbh. At the time my lvl 1, 4-stars were stronger than my 3 stars, so I through them right in. I have only been playing for 3 months, and I spent some money to get a full rainbow 4* team first. Currently I have only been able to ascend my Grimm to max, and everyone else is waiting (3-60). Yes, I didn’t have the materials to ascend them instantly but while they were waiting I already maxed out another color of each 4* to 3-60; and have 2 full 3* maxed teams. Now I am just waiting for 1 accession item for each color. (It has only been a week or 2 that my other 4 stars are waiting for 1 orb, 1 shield, 1 trap tool; which I hope to get soon). You will get stuck waiting for accession items, so I feel that is a time to worry about your event/AW teams.


Nice team, grats on Wilbur :slight_smile:

You could consider leveling a rainbow team, focus on titan fight because that helps your growth best via titan loot.

Gormek, then Wilbur.
Bane (if you still have him), Hu if you don’t get any better yellow by the time you are finished with Bane
Graymane is not the best, start on him and switch to another when you get a better one (Valen, Ulmer for example)

Try to max special skills with 1* feeders, use the 2* afterwards if your space allows.


You are already in level 11. I would farm the heck out of 8-7 and level those 5 stars and 4 stars tbh. They will grow with you in to final stages.

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Bane? I don’t have a bane … what I’m going to do is and I hope I understood everyone correctly … I’m going to level up my starting red (Wilbur ) with all 1 and 2 star reds I have , then the same for my other “starters” Lianna with all my greens , oberman with all my purples and so forth ! Before I do that though I just want to make sure that’s why I should do? Or should I go ahead and drop 100.00 and see if I get anymore 4or5* before I use them?

Also I’m getting killed and losing trophies by the 100 because of my defense , but I’m not sure how I can change my defense . I can go to bed with 577 trophies and I wake up with 350 … it’s constant

Thanks again for the time you guys are spending to help me I truly appreciate it

Sadly, this is normal. Just gives you something to use your raid flags on the next day :rofl:

As your team gets stronger and you win more trophies, that 100-200 trophies won’t be as big of a chunk out of your count. The loss will still irritate, but won’t be 1/2 your count.

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I wouldn’t worry to much about trophies, they come and go.

If you can afford spending more money on the game, then vip offer (second builder, daily gems) is a good deal. If you want to make more summons you might want to wait for next Atlantis or next event with special heroes.

Lianna is a good 5*, but it might take quite some time to get the ascension materials for her final ascension. So expect some waiting and working on other heroes in the meantime. Fully leveled 4s can be better than partially leveled 5s.

Find a good alliance with people you like and a gaming style that fits you, that increases fun factor and help in growing.


I agree with the part where 4 star heroes at 3/60 are better than max 3 stars at 50. In each color you have a 4 star, I would take those to 3/60 before wasting time on 3s - it will be a better long term use of your hero leveling.

I would do wilbur before gormek. Belith before Lianna to 60. Graymane isn’t good, but he’s better than leveling a 2* so level him until you get literally any other blue 3,4, or 5*. Oberon isn’t generally a good hero; do Tyrum first and then if you haven’t gotten any other 3,4,or 5 star purple, then level Oberon as it’s better than a 2*. In terms of holy, I might level Kalaini and Melia before hu tao at all.

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So you would put Belith in befor lianna ? Lianna is a 5 star and belith a 3 star… just curious why so I’ll know next time thanks

It is because you can’t obtain the ascension materials in this stage of the game…for this reason it is better to have a fully ascended 3/4 * team first :wink:

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also because Belith is a full party healer. His other one is hawkmoon but he has better red heroes to ascend. Not having a full party healer really retards your ability to move on in map stages, complete portions of rare quests, raid, etc.

Yes, exactly. Except maybe feed your blues to Lianna while you feed your greens to Belith. Graymane really isn’t all that good, but you need Belith before you need Lianna.

Yes. You’ll need a healer and, as Dante says, Belith is the better choice because of the wealth of red 4*'s you have.

Wilbur vs. Gormek is a decision of defense vs. offence. In my opinion, Gormek gives you better return at this early stage because he’ll be your hardest hitter until you get some other 4* heroes. Wilbur does offer the defense debuff on enemies, and the shared damage on allies will help you survive longer, but he doesn’t do any damage. The best way for you to get ascention items is to farm as much as possible and fight as strong titans as you can. Also, Gormek is a killer tank at low cup levels. Worry about Wilbur when you’re waiting for the materials to ascend Gormek.

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