How should I emblem Costume Elena on defense?

So I wanna use C Elena as tank/flank on my defense team. I understand that more health on Elena means more riposte damage, but on the other hand if I prioritize her defense she is more likely to survive long enough to actually use her special ability.

Thanks in advance.

Elena with or without costume works best in position three in double or reverse double formations.

Here’s an option that works well in the 2500 -2700 cups range

I went more defense and bring her out for VF wars and tourneys.

The downsize of Elena is her defense stats, remembers that she is a slow hero and unless it is rush attack, she will take a lot of hits before she charges. Unless that you add a strong crit troop she will need more defense to withstand the blows until she get healed. A level 23 mana troop can make her average but you will want to keep that reflect going specially if the other player foes not have a dispeller

That’s a good point. In your opinion which version is better on defense? Fighter Elena since she has a chance to revive herself or rogue Elena for her dodging skills?

Tricky question due that both are helpful depending on the situation. The fighter will have to die in order to have the possibility to revive, in the other hand the rogue class gives you the possibility to stay alive longer which is helpful before her special goes off but if her special in on effect and she dodges, she will not counter because she would not take any damage, the other heroes next to her will but not her.

Counterattack is used in its full potential when you are facing heroes that hit multiple so the damage inflicted to themselves becomes fatal. Everything will depends on your strategy on a particular battle

if you chose the costume path you will get the costume bonus and you will have to level the regular one as well so you can go back and forward as you please

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