How should I continue with second rainbow 3 stars team?

Hello guys.
I have been playing since April. I ended with ascension of rainbow 3 stars team. Should I continue with second rainbow 3 stars team ? If yes who should I ascend ? Here is my roster.

I have only 2 compasses. I have other materials for ascesion of 4 stars heroes. Which 2 heroes should I ascend first and use emblembs on them ?
Thank you for answers.

The 4* heroes I’d use them on first are Wilbur and Wu Kong. When you get your 3rd compass, Hansel should be immediately next.

While you wait on ascension materials, you can work on another team of 3*s. 2 of each color minimum will help you beat the challenge events, since one color is reflected in those.

I would work on these 3*s myself: Chochin, Kailini, Gato, Brienne, Hawkmoon. You can feed them 1* heroes of their color only, and save all other 2* and trainer heroes for your 4* heroes.

You can feel free to feed away those duplicate Gill-Ra’s as well, 1 of her is enough imo.


Thank you for answer. And should I use emblems on Wilbur or Wu Kong? They are both monks.

Wu Kong helps deal a ton of damage but it comes with risk. So I would go with the more balanced choice Wilbur, because he helps your team survive and deal damage.


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