How should I arrange my defense team?

What’s the best / most annoying way for me to arrange these characters in my raid defense team?

I would try swapping Marj and Rigard… I wish my Del was at 80. Others may disagree, I like the debuffers on the left and the healers by the tank.

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I’d swap Delilah and rigard. Her special is soooo annoying

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Del as your tank for now until you max Marjana. Then I’d use her as a tank and Healers as flanks and Hitters on the outside

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Rigard - Caedmon - Delilah* - Marjana - Grimm

*give to Delilah a Devout Assassin troop

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Rigard on the far left to fire first and cleanse your team of negative effects. Caedmon left flank to debuff the opponent. Delilah as your tank. Marjana right flank, and squishy Grimm in the right corner.

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I actually have two 4* yellow troops: monastic battle mages at level 4 and exalted constructs at level 1. I was sticking with the 3* for now cuz I like the stats. Do you think I should change to one of the 4*s?

Battle mage is very helpful for a healer that fast (medium special speed) and his minions can made up for the hp difference, if you don’t have a high level 3* Devout Assassin troop then chance it to the Monastic Battle Mages.

But the Exalted Constructs are better for titans, your choice :wink:

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Thank you for your feedback, everyone.

healers in the corner are particularly useless. By the time they fire, it usually won’t matter one way or another. The heroes you have literally set themselves up nicely:

left to right Caedmon - Grimm - Delilah - Rigard - Marjana

D is currently your best tank, use her there. Healers and average speed hitters in the corners aren’t great and Grimm goes to the left for defense lowering. Caed an Marjana go in the corners, with Caed to the left to dispel any defensive buffs on the enemy before other heroes fire.

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Aint Del got nerfed with her minions?
What could be use of her in tanking?

because a 737/704/1345 tank is a lot more survivable than a 595/673/1166 tank. 30 defense points and 200 hp makes a difference. Additionally, her special doesn’t just heal, but provides the whole team a meat shield minion to help keep them alive. Yes with the special bugged the minions don’t attack, but the meatshield benefit is still there. Thirdly, lots more people have jackal + yellow fast hitter than people have panther + fast hitter as jackal is an event 4 and panther is event 5. Sure you could use Tibertus, but he’s average instead of very fast like Jackal.

So she’s harder to kill AND helps keep the rest of the team alive better (i.e the minions are useful for heroes who are mostly full on health and the bigger heal would be wasted). The minions attacking will eventually be fixed giving more of a bonus.


Thank you for the clarify.

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