How should I align my defense?

I just got Marjana to 4/80 +4. I also have Evelyn at 4/80 +1 and Vivica 4/80 +2. They are my only 5* that are fully ascended currently. My ascended 4* roster (sorted by power) is Sumitomo +9, Kiril +4, Triton +3, Ameonna +3, Sonya +3, Melendor +4, Grimm +3, Rigard +1, Tiburtus +1, Wu Kong, and Colen (both the last two are 4/70). So how would you set that up? Thanks in advance

For the visual

Triton or sonya/ evelyn/ marijana/ vivica/ tiburtus in my opinion

Eve Grimm Marj Viv Tibs

Viv is not a good tank, if opponents have a bad board, they can tile dump into her without penalty.

Marj is pretty tanky, fast and has the rogue dodge.

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