How sad i feel this month

I dont know if this is the place where i can share my experience, its not a complain , its simply that i need to express my feeling because i feel really frustrated.
And It doesnt seem to change .
I always do individual pulls . I like this way and from December to February It delivered me very good 4* , some 5* and the HOTM of the respective months.
It may be because im chasing Telluria while the past months i wasnt looking for the HOTM particularly.

The month started regular . I summoned in Valhalla around 10 times

X1 Mist
X1 Nordi
X1 Valen
X1 Kvasir
X1 Bi wolf
The others all classic 3*

Then i followed with Atlantis
Did around 15.

All classic 3* except Aeron, Gato and Namaghe.

Now with Pirates i did 9 summons
Again all classic 3* .

Im getting really frustrated
Classic 3* are feeders to me and this is the way i feel
I have dreamt yesterday i summoned Telluria … Which didnt happened .

I spent 4 epic tokens along march and no Telluria but Wu Kong dupe.

So . I did around 30 summons along the month and what i get Aeron , mist and a dupe wu Kong
Is ok , this is the game, i like It , but theres no way i dont feel frustrated right now .

I plan to do at least 15 summons more before march ends
… am i going to get Telluria ? Only god now ! However i still dream that like those people who only summoned once and Telluria showed up that could happen to me

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