How rare exactly is the Challenge Coin? (Special Event summoning token)

The XP Hunting Event

Knights of Avalon (11. – 15.9.2019)

Rare difficulty: stage 3 (975 XP/WE, best in the game)
Loot: 3 recruits (always), 0-3 ingredients, 0-3 ascension materials, 0-2 heroes, no troops.

Autoplay average time: 01:23,6s (Team: Hisan, Rudolph, Namahage, Arman, Muggy)
Autoplay best time: 0:52,6s

Autoplay average time: 01:23,2s (Team: Hisan, Rudolph, Namahage, Melia, Muggy)
Autoplay best time: 0:54,3s

RUNS: 1673
Challenge Coins: 38 (+15 for completing all three difficulties)
Chance: 2,27%
XP gained: 1,631,175
Hero per run average: 0,500

Knights of Avalon:


1st summon: Merlin
2nd summon: Karil
3rd summon: Berden
4th summon: Renfeld
5th summon: Lancelot

Pirates of Corellia:


1st summon: Jahangir
2nd summon: Boomer
3rd summon: Azar
4th summon: Boomer
5th summon: Kailani

Riddles of Wonderland - tokens saved for Guardians of Teltoc

My best run without using items = 29,8s (too bad there was no chest for a 5,000 bonus)

Team: Melia, Gato, Namahage, Gato, Rudolph.
Average autoplay time: 1:16,2s (60 runs)

My only run with two chests and a new record:

Riddles of Wonderland 10. - 14.9.2020 (250 loot monitored runs to be made):
Team: Namahage, Gato, Agnes, Gato, Namahage.
Looks like there is an increse drop of crypt mushrooms (not sure).

Guardians of Teltoc 12. - 16.11.2020 (250 loot monitored runs to be made):
Team: Björn20, Namahage, Namahage, Namahage, Björn20.
Looks like there is an increased drop of leather strips…


782 runs… My brain is numb after autoing less than 100 of them.


Thank you for the information. Once I complete the event, I intend to try a little XP farming.

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How exactly are you doing this? 847 runs with mean of 84 seconds each run. That equates to 19.76 hrs!


I started at 10:17 on Wednesday and that is 50 hours now.
And in the real time it is actually roughly 60+ runs in just under two hours.
You lose some seconds between runs and in the end if the timer is under 5 minutes I wait and do one extra run, then I post here, stuff like that. So it is not that quick and most importantly I am ill so I have all the time I need. Most of the time I am reading books during the autofarming so time passes quickly.


Why did you pick Arman over Melia? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, lol, I didn’t have Melia maxed.


If you are running BlueStacks or the like on your PC it’s a lot easier, as you can hit autoplay and set the window up so that you can be doing something else in another window as needed.

My local cell tower has had some issues lately, so I’m trying to play on PC more.


And you also don’t have to have your phone constantly connected to a power bank.

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for rare stage3
if NO coin the chest (left up) counts 7 at the end of the battle. image
otherwise will increment with the number of found coins. image image


I went through Epic and Legendary and some come back and redos and found ONLY 2

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Just used a third set of ten. Greymane, Kailani and Dawa. Exactly the heroes I was aiming for!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Used all generated WE since event started and three flasks. No problem, I’ll get 6 WE flasks and 3 ETT after using about 10 arrows and about as many axes.


Hi Boolz!
You are right. It is always 7 without the coins.
I have found out this makes no sense since it is always 7 no matter how many loot items you actually get (6-8). This might be a bug!

11 possible loot combos (loot total with base being 3 recruits):
3 ingedients, no ascension material, no heroes (6)
3 ascension materials, no ingredients, no heroes (6)
2 ingredients, 1 ascension material, no heroes (6)
1 ingredient, 2 ascension materials, no heroes (6)
3 ingedients, no ascension material, 1 hero (7)
3 ascension materials, no ingredients, 1 hero (7)
2 ingredients, 1 ascension material, 1 hero (7)
1 ingredient, 2 ascension materials, 1 hero (7)
2 ingredients, 1 ascension material, 2 heroes (8)
1 ingredient, 2 ascension materials, 2 heroes (8)
3 ingredients, 0 ascension materials, 2 heroes (8)

  • troops and 3* ascension material are never given
  • if 3 ingredients are given there are no ascension materials and vice versa
  • 2 ingredients and 2 ascension materials are never given
  • nuggets, bones and meteors can be a part of the loot
  • two 2* heroes can be a part of the loot
  • super rare loot (3 ingredients + 2 heroes)

Examples of some of the less common loot:


So what stage have the best coin/flag rate? Could legendary-3 be better than rare-3? Anyone collect the data?

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random :confused:

also the coin is before the heroes:
image image


Will these drop in loot aswell like Atlantis coins?

FWIW, I’m posting my notes from farming these coins in Wonderland’s beta Legendary levels.

I did a total of 80 runs and got 4 coins. I had picked up 5 coins while completing my first run through Legendary but as I was testing various parts of the levels I didn’t bother keeping count of the number of runs. It was definitely fewer than 80 though.

50 runs, 5 chests.

3 on rare, 2 on Epic, 0 on Legendary.

I did not track which level.

Hi pois, excellent information!
Just a quick question, how did you do to gat all of those runs? Several flasks or more than one account?
Thanks for putting up this!

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