How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)

I have Tethys. She is nice

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Hi @Sorvina and anyone else,

Have you got any level tips for Valhalla and Season 5 coin farming given those are coming up next?


Hi @FrenziedEye !
I don’t farm S3 or S4 at all, so I can’t help you with that.

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No worries thank you Sorvina :slight_smile:

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FWIW @Sorvina, I have been farming 3-15-2N and received 3 goblins in about 6 runs. It is probably purely RNG though. That level has 4 waves.

I was only farming it to get the free 10 gems from the missions (“Complete Special Stages IV”)

It is likely that I will receive no more goblins now that I have said that though haha…

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On average, I got around 3 seadragons/10 coins using 63 WE.

S2:13-1 (Hard)