How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance)

I did mostly 13-1H in July, using ~540 loot tickets and 80 WEF, and got almost 900 coins. I think the stage really does matter. 13-1H is not so good for other loot, but pretty decent for seadragons.


Will run a few loot tix later to see how it goes for me. Thank you.

I did total of 5 runs on 27.9 hard and got 15 coins so far

I am running 13-1N instead of 13-1H this time around, because I am running low on loot tickets, so I am autoplaying. With just one WEF and existing WE (so about 110 WE in total so far, at 4WE per stage, ~27 runs), I already got 40 coins. Of course some RNG effects here, I am probably lucky, but I find that this stage is decent for coins, whether Normal or Hard.

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How much time on auto would you say it takes to farm 15-9? Outside of loot tickets, I only run 2-1 and 9-4 on auto.

Maybe a few minutes. Under 3m. Cos I can run that 15x @ 4WE under 1hr for sure.

I use a fast farming team, TP >5000:

Zuri, Morel, Vanda, Quenell, Bastet

With a lower TP rainbow team, should need a little more time per run.

Edit: @Dyna49 : tested 1 run, average board, 2:19:10 minutes.

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I throw my tickets to 27-9 hard.

Here is 3 tickets getting 25 coins.

For coins I play lvl 24-10. For backpacks I farm lvl 1-5. They seem to work well though it could just be random.

Did you get anything good from your covenant pulls?

Trying to make this game “fair” is hopeless. People who pay have an advantage. A huge one. So what? Play the way you enjoy playing and quit worrying about “fair”.

No proof behind it, but I always use each loot ticket separate. I don’t Run multiple on a given level.

I just don’t trust the computer to do the right calculations and run each loot ticket separate (again no proof just my opinion)

Also you won’t run into the max item issues. You potentially losing out on recruits and feeders since you are hitting the limits

I play 13-1h and 27-8 hard. Loot is 50% better so I prefer hard for the extra backpacks, swords, strong rope, ham, and experience.

Loot tickets for 27-8h and auto play 13-1H. I get 1-2 pulls per Atlantis rising using about 15-20 flasks

King Arthur, Isrod and another Grace in 31 pull

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Tried 6 times 13-1N and 0 monsters found…

What a day for randomness:p

I used about 100 WE flasks and got 1143 coins.

That’s actually nice. Not worth it but nice

And what did you pull using these coins?

What levels do you farm for coins?

I’m saving them for future atlantis when Tarlak, Oceanus, Tethys will be featured.

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Mostly these :